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Events sorted by Event Date - July 1863

PaperPublication DateEvent TypeEvent DateEvent LocationPerson 1Person 2/Notes
LDEJ 1863-07-06 M 1863-07-01 Livermore Jaquith, E. Otis, of Livermore Monroe, Joanna, of Abington, MA
LDEJ 1863-08-04 M 1863-07-01 Linneus Moores, David, of Belfast Ac. Grant Abanethy, Eliza, of Houlton
LDEJ 1863-07-06 M 1863-07-02 Lewiston Watson, Jefferson, of Lewiston Allen, Alvina W., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1863-07-21 M 1863-07-02 Auburn Pulsifer, A. M., esq., of Auburn Chase, Hattie L., of Auburn
LDEJ 1863-07-25 D 1863-07-02 Gettysburg, PA Chamderlin, William H. (22y) 1st Lieutenant, Co. H., 17th US Infantry, 5th Corps, Sykes Divison
LDEJ 1863-07-27 M 1863-07-02 Embden Witham, Calvin S., of Moscow Beal, Rebecca F., of Moscow
LDEJ 1863-11-24 D 1863-07-02 New Orleans French, Francis (30y) at the Marine Hospital. Private in Co. F, 26th regiment of Maine Volunteers
LDEJ 1863-07-06 D 1863-07-04 Turner Cary, Ezra D. (15y) son of Cary, Salmon and Ann
LDEJ 1863-07-10 D 1863-07-04 Mt Vernon Chase, Dr. S. W. (53y)
LDEJ 1863-07-14 M 1863-07-04 Vassalboro McQuillin, Isaac, of Winslow Lampson, Arvilla A., of Vassalboro
LDEJ 1863-07-18 M 1863-07-04 Bath Schottler, John H., of Bath Kiyppel, Christiana, of Bath
LDEJ 1863-07-20 M 1863-07-04 Blanchard Barrows, J. Henry, of Blanchard Blanchard, Martha, of Blanchard
LDEJ 1863-07-24 D 1863-07-04 Scarboro Merrill, Alonzo A. (28y)
LDEJ 1863-08-10 M 1863-07-04 Concord, NH Huse, Dr. J. Patch, Helen F., of Auburn
LDEJ 1863-07-10 M 1863-07-05 Phillips Nickerson, Lieut. Albert A. Carr, Florence A., of Phillips
LDEJ 1863-07-16 D 1863-07-05 Lewiston Dennison, Cora Ellen (7m 7d) youngest daughter of Dennison, A. K. and Ellen R.
LDEJ 1863-07-21 D 1863-07-05 Turner Turner, Annette L. (4y 5m)
LDEJ 1863-07-22 D 1863-07-05 Portland Yeaton, Louisa N. (10y)
LDEJ 1863-07-10 M 1863-07-06 Farmington Whitten, James H., of Farmington Shaw, Sarah E., of Industry
LDEJ 1863-07-11 M 1863-07-06 Anson Quint, Andrew J. Booker, Diantha
LDEJ 1863-07-15 M 1863-07-06 Farmington Whitten, James H., of Farmington Shaw, Sarah E., of Industry
LDEJ 1863-07-23 D 1863-07-08 Gettysburg, PA Dwelley, S. L. private in Co. D., 17th Maine Volunteers at the 1st Division Hospital, 3d Corps, near Gettysburg, PA from wounds received in battle on 2 Jul 1863
LDEJ 1863-07-25 D 1863-07-08 Boston Johnson, Moses (63y) formerly of Bluehill, ME
LDEJ 1863-07-28 M 1863-07-09 Dover Gerry, Jewett W. Woodward, Lydia A.
LDEJ 1863-07-18 D 1863-07-10 East Auburn Andrews, Maitland W. (2y 7m 27d) son of Andrews, George
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-10 Mars Hill Wilson, George W. (18y) of Presque Isle
LDEJ 1863-07-16 M 1863-07-12 New Portland Wedgewood, Moses P., of New Portland Jackson, Mary E., of New Portland
LDEJ 1863-07-30 M 1863-07-12 Concord Hawes, Eli, of Embden Atwood, Sarah, of Concord
LDEJ 1863-07-14 D 1863-07-13 Turner Conant, Winslow (41y) of Auburn, late of the 13th Maine Regiment. Son of Conant, Hooper
LDEJ 1863-07-23 M 1863-07-13 Waterville Lancey, William of Hartland Nason, Ella M., of Waterville
LDEJ 1863-07-16 M 1863-07-14 Auburn McLellan, Seth B., of Portland Herrick, Harriet E., daughter of Herrick, Jacob, esq., of Auburn
LDEJ 1863-07-28 D 1863-07-14 Guilford Herring, Stedman (about 15y)
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-14 Ashland Folsom, Samuel (about 70y)
LDEJ 1863-08-25 D 1863-07-14 Gettysburg Carr, Sergent W. Co. I, 12th Mass. Regiment, formerly of Limerick, ME. Wounded in the leg and died after having his leg amputated
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-15 Newcastle Houdlette, Fannie L. (5y)
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-16 Maysville Hill, Ann (12y) daughter of Hill, Suel
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-16 North Berwick Grant, Susan (77y 4m)
LDEJ 1863-08-01 M 1863-07-16 Boston Fletcher, G. T., of Berlin, WI, formerly of Augusta Fiske, Clara, of Medfield
LDEJ 1863-08-05 D 1863-07-16 North Berwick Grant, Susan (77y)
LDEJ 1863-07-18 D 1863-07-17 East Auburn Hall, Helen Augusta (4y 8m) daughter of Hall, Charles B.
LDEJ 1863-07-22 D 1863-07-17 Greene Sawyer, Capt. Thaddeus (77y 8m)
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-17 Guilford Edes, Annette E. (22y) wife of Edes, J. K.
LDEJ 1863-07-21 M 1863-07-18 Lewiston Fitch, William L. Wescott, Viola T.
LDEJ 1863-07-21 M 1863-07-18 Lewiston Grammage, Francis M. Brann, Ellen
LDEJ 1863-07-24 D 1863-07-18 Farmington Rollins, John S. (27y)
LDEJ 1863-07-24 M 1863-07-18 Turner Jordan, Wilmot P., of Turner Bodge, Abagail C., of Turner
LDEJ 1863-07-27 D 1863-07-18 Farmington Rollins, John S. (27y)
LDEJ 1863-07-20 D 1863-07-19 Lewiston Ham, Sally M. (55y 10m) wife of Ham, Joseph
LDEJ 1863-07-27 D 1863-07-19 Weld Masterson, Stillman, esq. (32y)
LDEJ 1863-07-27 M 1863-07-19 Farmington Mossman, William, of Farmington Knowlton, Augusta J., of New Vineyard
LDEJ 1863-07-29 M 1863-07-19 Norway Brown, T. O., of Norway Whitcomb, Harriet P., of Norway
LDEJ 1863-08-01 M 1863-07-19 Benton Roundy, Edwin, of Benton Roundy, Martha H., of Waterville
LDEJ 1863-08-01 M 1863-07-19 Buxton Palmer, Nathan Jr., of Hollis Johnson, Aresta A., of Hollis
LDEJ 1863-08-01 M 1863-07-19 Paris Daniels, Andrew J. Porter, Eliza J., of Paris
LDEJ 1863-08-21 M 1863-07-19 Buxton Palmer, Nathan Jr., of Hollis Johnson, Aresta A., of Hollis
LDEJ 1863-07-27 D 1863-07-20 Skowhegan Snow, Cynthia (33y)
LDEJ 1863-07-29 D 1863-07-20 Skowhegan Snow, Cynthia W. (30y)
LDEJ 1863-07-31 D 1863-07-20 Avon True, Louisa (61y)
LDEJ 1863-07-24 M 1863-07-21 Farmington Jennings, John D., of New Sharon Cutler, Ellen, of New Vineyard
LDEJ 1863-08-04 M 1863-07-21 Houlton Benn, Solomon, of Hodgdon Aubur, Ellen, of Houlton
LDEJ 1863-07-23 D 1863-07-22 Lewiston Manning, Samuel one of the early settlers around Lewiston
LDEJ 1863-07-30 D 1863-07-23 Lewiston Day, Livonia J. (21y 9m) wife of Day, Joseph H.
LDEJ 1863-08-15 M 1863-07-23 Dover McAllister, John C., of Dover Littlefield, Mary, of Dover
LDEJ 1863-07-25 M 1863-07-24 Lewiston Leavitt, Leroy, of Auburn Small, Lizzie P., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-24 Kennebunkport Taylor, John (75y)
LDEJ 1863-08-26 D 1863-07-24 North Hartford Glover, Sewall Convers (14m) of Diptheria. only child of Glover, Sewall S. and Sarah M.
LDEJ 1863-07-27 D 1863-07-25 Auburn Foss, C. R. (22y 9m) son of Foss, Uriah and Mary, of Leeds
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-25 Chelsea, MA S?oell, Albert (4y) son of S?owell, Lorenzo and Sarah J
LDEJ 1863-08-01 D 1863-07-25 North Monmouth Pettengill, Mary A. (42y 6m) wife of Pettengill, William P.
LDEJ 1863-08-11 M 1863-07-25 Webster Woodbury, Lincoln C., of Webster Jordan, Sarah E., of Webster
LDEJ 1863-08-03 D 1863-07-27 Andover, MA Longley, Obadiah (58y) formerly of Waterville
LDEJ 1863-08-03 D 1863-07-27 Skowhegan Snow, Cynthia W. (30y)
LDEJ 1863-08-17 D 1863-07-28 Lewiston Ware, Ida F. daughter of Ware, Levi S. and Sally
LDEJ 1863-08-07 M 1863-07-29 Lovell Kimball, William F., of Lovell Hamblen, Mary A., of Lovell
LDEJ 1863-07-31 M 1863-07-30 Lewiston Libby, Woodbury P., of Danville Strout, Mary J., of Danville

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