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PaperPublication DateEvent TypeEvent DateEvent LocationPerson 1Person 2/Notes
LDEJ 1865-01-13 M 1865-??-?? Canton Wright, Thomas C., of Jay Hersey, Emily, of Canton
LDEJ 1865-01-14 M 1865-??-?? Topsham, ME Wheeler, Henry W., of Boston McNear, Annie P., of Boston
LDEJ 1865-01-17 D 1865-??-?? Lewiston Arnold, Elmer E. (3y 9m) of Croup, son of Arnold, Lloyd Q. and Jane C.
LDEJ 1865-01-24 M 1865-??-?? Lee Norton, Thomas N., of Lee Owen, Maggie G., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1865-01-26 D 1865-??-?? Georgia Heald, Sergeant Warren S. (29y) while on march from Atlanta to Savanah. Co C., 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Regiment, formerly of Solon, ME
LDEJ 1865-01-28 D 1865-??-?? Mason Small, Jonathan (75y)
LDEJ 1865-01-28 M 1865-??-?? Belfast Lesseur, Edward C., of New York Gilman, Ettie, M., of Belfast
LDEJ 1865-02-01 D 1865-??-?? Charleston Harbor Palmer, George L. (27y 9m) lost on board the US Monitor Patapsco., Engineer., second son of Palmer, Asa P. and Lucy
LDEJ 1865-02-02 D 1865-??-?? Skowhegan Matbon, Flora May (3y) adopted daughter of Matbon, Gardiner
LDEJ 1865-02-04 M 1865-??-?? Appleton Colwell, William, of Rockland Mullen, Abby, of Appleton
LDEJ 1865-02-06 M 1865-??-?? Wiscasset Bailey, Charles M., of Woolwich Robinson, Harriet E.
LDEJ 1865-02-07 D 1865-??-?? Otisfield Davenport, Rev. William (61y)
LDEJ 1865-02-07 M 1865-??-?? Fayette Waters, Charles, of Boston, MA Taft, Lizzie M., of Fayette
LDEJ 1865-02-08 D 1865-??-?? Elliot Brooks, Prudence (75y)
LDEJ 1865-02-09 D 1865-??-?? Gorham, NH York, Katy (4y)
LDEJ 1865-02-10 M 1865-??-?? Gardiner Beackman, Reuben, of Whitefield McGugin, Mary A., of Pittston
LDEJ 1865-02-10 M 1865-??-?? Strong Baker, Gardiner, esq., of Phillips Winship, Laura E., of Phillips
LDEJ 1865-02-11 M 1865-??-?? Phillips Towle, James, esq., of Phillips French, Losira, of Phillips
LDEJ 1865-03-09 D 1865-??-?? Phillips McCrick, Sally (89y) late of Fayette
LDEJ 1865-03-16 D 1865-??-?? Baton Rouge, LA Bodfish, Maj. Charles N. of Typhoid Fever, of Bath, ME
LDEJ 1865-03-18 M 1865-??-?? Kennebunkport Moore, George G., of Boston Goodwin, Julia A., of Kennebunk
LDEJ 1865-03-22 M 1865-??-?? Skowhegan Wyman, Horace, of Athens Tuttle, Mahala, of Athens
LDEJ 1865-03-23 D 1865-??-?? Elmira, NY Sims, Joseph M. (22y) died at the General Hospital., of Summerville
LDEJ 1865-03-30 M 1865-??-?? Wayne Allen, Plina, of Turner Leavett, Flory S., of Turner
LDEJ 1865-04-03 M 1865-??-?? Portland Chamett, George H., of Portland McDonald, Annie I., of Portland
LDEJ 1865-04-04 D 1865-??-?? West Hampden Perley, Maria (80y) widow of Perley, Jeremiah
LDEJ 1865-04-05 M 1865-??-?? Dover, NH Hilton, Charles H., of Buxton McCann, Lucy E., of Buxton
LDEJ 1865-04-14 M 1865-??-?? Andover, MA Smith, Charles W., of Bangor White, Ellen, of Bangor
LDEJ 1865-04-15 M 1865-??-?? Great Falls, NH Tripp, David F., of Temple Walker, Hannah G., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1865-05-27 D 1865-??-?? Monmouth Cumston, Laura H. (18y)
LDEJ 1865-06-14 D 1865-??-?? Dover Wells, Clarissa (71y) widow of Wells, James
LDEJ 1865-06-23 D 1865-??-?? West Bath Aubius, Jane R. (52y)
LDEJ 1865-06-29 M 1865-??-?? Lewiston Robbins, Lucius C., of Leeds Train, Sally S., of Philadelphia
LDEJ 1865-07-31 M 1865-??-?? Augusta Roberts, Charles H. Hamlen, Sarah
LDEJ 1865-08-23 M 1865-??-?? Portsmouth, NH Blaisdell, N. J., U.S. Navy Sweet, Ellen A., of Portland
LDEJ 1865-08-31 M 1865-??-?? South China Goddard, James P., of Vassalboro Hanson, Lavina, of China
LDEJ 1865-09-01 M 1865-??-?? Dexter Winslow, Rosco G., of Dexter Thurston, Mary A., of Dexter
LDEJ 1865-09-02 M 1865-??-?? Athens Green, C. F. H., esq. Kimball, Julia M.
LDEJ 1865-09-02 M 1865-??-?? Belfast Newcomb, Allen, of Newburgh Cook, Lizzie A., of Plymouth
LDEJ 1865-09-02 M 1865-??-?? Skowhegan Jewell, David E., of Cornville York, Henrietta M.
LDEJ 1865-09-02 M 1865-??-?? Skowhegan Lincoln, Llewellyn, of Cornville York, Susan A.
LDEJ 1865-09-06 M 1865-??-?? Skowhegan Lashon, John, of Skowhegan Pooler, Mary Ann, of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1865-09-06 M 1865-??-?? Skowhegan Belongee, Charles Belonglee, Elizabeth
LDEJ 1865-09-06 M 1865-??-?? Skowhegan Crote, Joseph Weymouth, Sophia
LDEJ 1865-09-09 M 1865-??-?? Norridgewock Grant, Elijah T., of Norridgewock Murry, Phebe J., of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1865-09-09 M 1865-??-?? West Farmingdale Learned, Nelson, of South Boston, MA Boston, Sarah T., of Farmingdale
LDEJ 1865-09-13 D 1865-??-?? Corinna Clark, Caroline (26y) wife of Clark, William
LDEJ 1865-09-16 D 1865-??-?? Augusta Hood, Billings (77y) at the Hospital in Augusta
LDEJ 1865-09-16 M 1865-??-?? Rockland Dolham, Jacob W., of South Thomaston Dean, Emily M., of South Thomaston
LDEJ 1865-09-20 D 1865-??-?? Skowhegan Boles, Hellen D. (53y) wife of Boles, J. Parker
LDEJ 1865-09-20 D 1865-??-?? Waterloo, IO Steward, Caroline (38y) wife of Steward, Hiram
LDEJ 1865-09-23 D 1865-??-?? Alfred Ferguson, Frank (6y) son of Ferguson, H., of Kennebunk
LDEJ 1865-09-25 M 1865-??-?? Lewiston Heath, Elbridge G., of Lewiston Hammon, Miss, of Lisbon
LDEJ 1865-09-26 D 1865-??-?? Portland Ayers, Harriet F. (41y) widow of Ayers, Joseph N.
LDEJ 1865-10-10 M 1865-??-?? Thomaston Thomas, Benjamin, of Thomaston Austin, Jennie A., of Thomaston
LDEJ 1865-10-11 M 1865-??-?? Thomaston Thomas, Benjamin, of Thomaston Austin, Jennie A., of Thomaston
LDEJ 1865-10-24 M 1865-??-?? Newport Smith, William, of St Paul, MN West, Amand, of Newport, ME
LDEJ 1865-10-27 D 1865-??-?? Parkman Seabury, Hattie Anna infant daughter of Seabury, Moses P.
LDEJ 1865-11-10 M 1865-??-?? Livermore Falls Downing, George A., of Chesterville Maddocks, Mary B., of Vienna
LDEJ 1865-11-11 D 1865-??-?? Newport, PA Hamblen, Augustus (42y) formerly of Maine
LDEJ 1865-11-21 D 1865-??-?? Ashland Russell, Warren (66y) formerly of Bucksport
LDEJ 1865-11-21 D 1865-??-?? Masardis Trafton, William (10y) son of Trafton, Eben
LDEJ 1865-12-08 M 1865-??-?? Portland Anderson, John B., of Portland Fenderson, Jennie N., of Portland
LDEJ 1865-12-08 M 1865-??-?? Portland Anderson, John B., of Portland Fenderson, Jennie N., of Portland
LDEJ 1866-01-01 D 1865-??-?? Farmington Adams, Nancy (74y) widow of Adams, William

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