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Events sorted by Event Date - 1887

PaperPublication DateEvent TypeEvent DateEvent LocationPerson 1Person 2/Notes
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-06-00 Boston Ray, Walter S, formerly of Barrington Alexander, Addie
LEJ 1887-07-13 B 1887-06-01 North Green Rose, son Rose, Stephen and wife
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-06-26 Tenant's Harbor Smalley, Frank, of St George Crouse, Emma, of St George
LEJ 1887-07-13 B 1887-06-30 Paris Clifford, Wallace Alton Clifford, Wallace and wife
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-06-30 Jersey City, NJ Cummings, Cameron W, formerly of East Machias Harmon, Helen A, formerly of East Machias
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-07-01 Lubec Webber, Albert R, of Boston Avery, Lillie
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-03 South Hancock Perkins, Hattie M, (23y or 25y)
LEJ 1887-07-13 B 1887-07-04 North Green Howe, son Howe, M. C. and wife
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-07-04 Oldtown Waters, William, of Oldtown Trask, Lizzie E, of Greenfield
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-07-04 Oldtown Wentworth, T Roscoe, of Bradford Briggs, Agnes M, of Hudson
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-07-05 Crawford Wallace, Alvin R, Seavey, Julia B
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-08 Canton Bryant, A. H. (66y) wife of Bryant, F. H.
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-07-08 Tenant's Harbor Watts, George H, of St George Barter, Rosie, of St George
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-09 Fordham Lambert, Sarah A, formerly of Bangor (66y)
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-09 Warren Brackett, Gilman
LEJ 1887-07-13 B 1887-07-10 Chebeague Emmons, daughter Emmons, Hudson and wife
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-10 Lowell, MA Winchester, Sophia L (66y)
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-10 New Portland Elliott, Carrie W (17y)
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-10 South Leeds Parker, Greenlief (67y 10m)
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-07-10 Hallowell Austin, Herbert W, of Hallowell Glidden, Helen M, of Hallowell
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-11 Biddeford Hefferin, William, infant son of Hefferin, Thomas and wife
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-11 St Albans Frost, Jacob (69y)
LEJ 1887-07-13 M 1887-07-11 Tenant's Harbor Beverage, O. L., of North Haven Pierson, Rose E., of Tremont Harbor
LEJ 1887-07-13 B 1887-07-12 Chebeague Ross, son (weighing 12 pounds) Ross, Leonard and wife
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-12 Portland Fernald, Samuel H (56y)
LEJ 1887-07-13 D 1887-07-12 Portland Connolly, Julia (60y)

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