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PaperPublication DateEvent TypeEvent DateEvent LocationPerson 1Person 2/Notes
LDEJ 1861-04-20 I 1861-??-?? Auburn Sykes, Charles H. Ki?, Mary O.
LDEJ 1861-05-10 D 1861-??-?? Durham Nichols, Samuel (about 75y)
LDEJ 1861-05-14 D 1861-??-?? Cape Elizabeth Aborn, Frederick, of Augusta, formerly of MA, (56y) at the State Reform School
LDEJ 1861-05-14 M 1861-??-?? Brunswick Jordan, William C., of New Gloucester Bickford, Eliza J., of New Gloucester
LDEJ 1861-05-14 M 1861-??-?? Brunswick Sylvester, Henry, of Durham Lunt, Clara J., of Brunswick
LDEJ 1861-05-14 M 1861-??-?? Brunswick Cobbett, Daniel, of Brunswick Teague, Isabella H., of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1861-05-15 D 1861-??-?? Iowa Strong, Harrison Augustine (23y) of Typhoid pneumonia son of the late Strong, Rev. H. W.
LDEJ 1861-05-16 D 1861-??-?? Poland Briggs, Zenas, esq (80y 5m 20d)
LDEJ 1861-05-17 M 1861-??-?? Norridgewock Chandler, A. B., of Winthrop Steward, Betsey B., of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1861-05-18 M 1861-??-?? Biddeford Holt, Samuel P., of Biddeford Clark, Sarah, of Biddeford
LDEJ 1861-05-20 D 1861-??-?? Bethel Estes, Richard (93y)
LDEJ 1861-05-20 D 1861-??-?? Brownfield Bachelder, Isaac (88y)
LDEJ 1861-05-20 M 1861-??-?? Biddeford Craig, Rev. Henry K., of Bucksport Tenny, Harriette R., of Plymouth, IO
LDEJ 1861-05-30 D 1861-??-?? West Waterville Corson, James (63y)
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-??-?? Gardiner Morrell, Lucinda P. (31y) wife of Morrell, Hiram K., esq., G.S.G.D.S.
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Keizer, son (3y 4m 8d) son of Keizer, Edwin
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Kiff, Minnie Josephine infant daughter of Kiff, Alexander B.
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Snow, daughter infant daughter of Snow, Capt. Israel L.
LDEJ 1861-06-04 M 1861-??-?? Northport Prescott, J. Fred, of Bangor Witherly, Venia E., of Northport
LDEJ 1861-06-06 M 1861-??-?? Portland Colley, John C., of Portland Moore, Nellie, of Portland
LDEJ 1861-06-12 D 1861-??-?? Gardiner Furse, Martha S. (62y)
LDEJ 1861-06-12 D 1861-??-?? Gardiner Kittredge, James (70y)
LDEJ 1861-06-12 D 1861-??-?? St George Haskell, Capt. Charles (46y)
LDEJ 1861-06-14 M 1861-??-?? Bangor Seavey, Henry J., of Corinna Knowles, mary J. of Newport
LDEJ 1861-06-15 M 1861-??-?? Lowell, MA Hunt, George F. of Lowell Wentworth, Olive J., of Waldo ME
LDEJ 1861-06-25 D 1861-??-?? Litchfield Tucker, Mary S. daughter of Tucker, John and Rhoda
LDEJ 1861-06-25 M 1861-??-?? North Waterford Page, Parris, of North Waterford Lebroak, Emily G., of North Waterford
LDEJ 1861-06-26 D 1861-??-?? Lewiston Turner, Elias T. (20y 3m)
LDEJ 1861-06-28 M 1861-??-?? Benton Davis, Edward, of Burnham Brown, Vesta, of Benton
LDEJ 1861-06-28 M 1861-??-?? Portland Patterson, F. G., of Co. G., 5th Regiment Thornton, Mary E., of Augusta
LDEJ 1861-07-13 M 1861-??-?? Farmington Bartlett, Nathan, of Livermore Brett, Maria A., of Livermore
LDEJ 1861-07-16 M 1861-??-?? Fairfield Bunker, Benjamin Totman, Emma D.
LDEJ 1861-07-16 M 1861-??-?? Fairfield Clark, Warren Hall, Anna
LDEJ 1861-07-16 M 1861-??-?? Skowhegan Spencer, R. W., of Madison Plummer, Rebecca J.
LDEJ 1861-07-16 M 1861-??-?? Skowhegan Churchill, S. C., of Augusta Merrill, Elvira S., of Cornville
LDEJ 1861-07-19 M 1861-??-?? Mt Desert Perry, Henry M., of Tremont Eaton, Caroline C., of Tremont
LDEJ 1861-07-22 D 1861-??-?? Whitefield Lewis, Capt. Stephen, formerly of Boothbay (71y 5m)
LDEJ 1861-07-22 M 1861-??-?? Topsham Stickey, John, of Lewiston Colis, Emma L., of Topsham
LDEJ 1861-07-22 M 1861-??-?? Union Leach, Amos, of Warren Robinson, Ellen R., of Appleton
LDEJ 1861-07-22 M 1861-??-?? Union Clark, R. C., of Warren Watts, Linda M., of Warren
LDEJ 1861-07-24 D 1861-??-?? Leeds Wheeler, Herbert E. (1y 11m) son of Wheeler, Amasa and Rosine
LDEJ 1861-07-27 M 1861-??-?? Lewiston Hall, Charles, of Athens Hern, Christiana R., of Clinton
LDEJ 1861-08-07 M 1861-??-?? Lewiston Morrison, Samuel, esq., of Bangor Powers, Elizabeth, of Stetson
LDEJ 1861-08-20 D 1861-??-?? St Albans Merrill, James (63y) of Typhoid Fever
LDEJ 1861-08-20 M 1861-??-?? Augusta Belcher, Isaac S., esq., of Marysville, CA Johnson, Ade. N., daughter of Johnson, William T., esq.
LDEJ 1861-08-20 M 1861-??-?? Augusta Hodgkins, A. B. Yeaton, Hattie A.
LDEJ 1861-08-20 M 1861-??-?? Bangor Pitcher, William H. Webber, Viola A.
LDEJ 1861-08-20 M 1861-??-?? Gardiner Page, Isaac, of West Gardiner Dudley, Hannah, of Gardiner
LDEJ 1861-08-20 M 1861-??-?? North Waldoboro Hammon, Henry, of Rockland Sidelinger, Adeline M., of Rockland
LDEJ 1861-08-24 D 1861-??-?? Alexandria, VA Taylor, Sharon C., of Winslow (19y) A member of Company H of the 3rd regiment of Maine Volunteers. Died at the camp of the 3rd Maine Regiment.
LDEJ 1861-08-26 M 1861-??-?? Skowhegan Leavitt, Henry, of Dover Robbins, Emma F.
LDEJ 1861-08-26 M 1861-??-?? Yarmouth Leavitt, Gilbert Pottle, Abby P.
LDEJ 1861-08-30 D 1861-??-?? Warren Seiders, Maria (14y) daughter of Seiders, Francis and Elizabeth
LDEJ 1861-09-07 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Keller, John (47y 8m)
LDEJ 1861-09-07 M 1861-??-?? Skowhegan Manson, Joseph, of Clinton Witherell, Sarah J., of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1861-09-10 D 1861-??-?? Minneapolis, MN Jones, Jane wife of Jones, D? Y., formerly of Robinson, ME
LDEJ 1861-09-10 M 1861-??-?? Benton Mudgett, John S., of Albion Wakefield, Miranda F., of Kennebunk
LDEJ 1861-09-12 M 1861-??-?? Wayne Statson, Charles W. Young, Nancy A.
LDEJ 1861-09-13 D 1861-??-?? Madison Blackwell, Allen (about 23y), of Diptheria son of Blackwell, Asa
LDEJ 1861-09-13 D 1861-??-?? Madison Spaulding, Sarah (about 17y) daughter of Spaulding, Daniel
LDEJ 1861-09-14 D 1861-??-?? Bowerbank Chase, Thomas (20y 6m) of Diptheria
LDEJ 1861-09-14 M 1861-??-?? Fayette Niles, Solomon N., of Augusta Winslow, Mary C., of East Livermore
LDEJ 1861-09-17 M 1861-??-?? Biddeford Chadbourne, Isaiah, of Wells Eaton, Sarah F., of Wells
LDEJ 1861-09-23 D 1861-??-?? Belfast White, Hannah (about 50y) wife of White, James, esq.
LDEJ 1861-09-24 D 1861-??-?? Bartlett, NH Chase, Lydia Ann, of Baldwin (22y) daughter of Chase, Capt. John S.
LDEJ 1861-09-24 M 1861-??-?? Marshfield, MA Haskell, Lowell P., of Waldoboro, ME Sampson, Eliza H., of Marshfield
LDEJ 1861-09-27 M 1861-??-?? Windham Gordon, Bishop, of Windham Hamblen, Esther B., of Windham
LDEJ 1861-09-30 M 1861-??-?? Biddeford Ridley, Jacob, of Biddeford Hamlin, Abbie R., of Biddeford
LDEJ 1861-09-30 M 1861-??-?? Biddeford Hill, Charles E., of Buxton Spofford, Almira M., of Buxton
LDEJ 1861-10-11 D 1861-??-?? Litchfield Perkins, Mary (91) wife of Perkins, Josiah
LDEJ 1861-10-16 M 1861-??-?? Poland Witham, Rev. Nathan of Lyman Brown, Ellen B., of Poland
LDEJ 1861-10-17 M 1861-??-?? Biddeford Gordon, Freeman Gove, Mary A.
LDEJ 1861-10-18 M 1861-??-?? Brunswick Bagley, Joseph Murphy, Helen
LDEJ 1861-10-21 D 1861-??-?? Bowdoinham Spear, George M. (6y 9m)
LDEJ 1861-10-21 D 1861-??-?? Brunswick Gummer, George A. (18m)
LDEJ 1861-10-24 M 1861-??-?? Anson Sawtell, Alonzo, of Starks Beals, Octavia O., of Starks
LDEJ 1861-10-25 D 1861-??-?? Augusta Burbank, William H. (16y) son of Burbank, James
LDEJ 1861-10-28 D 1861-??-?? Searsmont Smith, Joseph T. (26y)
LDEJ 1861-10-30 D 1861-??-?? New Gloucester Nelson, Otis (66y)
LDEJ 1861-11-02 M 1861-??-?? Embden Holbrook, Alfred Burns, Sarah
LDEJ 1861-11-02 M 1861-??-?? Embden Thompson, Moses, of Embden Sylvester, Hannah F., of Solon
LDEJ 1861-11-05 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Phillips, Samuel M. (2y) son of Phillips, George U.
LDEJ 1861-11-05 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Fernald, James (64y 4m)
LDEJ 1861-11-05 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Robinson, Julia A. (20y 7m) daughter of Robinson, Capt. Joshua
LDEJ 1861-11-05 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Perry, Heman H. (9y 8m) son of Perry, O. H.
LDEJ 1861-11-05 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Barrett, Louise E. (25y 10m) wife of Barrett, Daniel T.
LDEJ 1861-11-05 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Mitchell, Ida M. (2y 5m) daughter of Mitchell, B. P.
LDEJ 1861-11-05 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Snow, Larkin, Esq. (62y)
LDEJ 1861-11-05 M 1861-??-?? Bluehill Grindle, Isaac N. Stetson, Valeria F.
LDEJ 1861-11-05 M 1861-??-?? Rockland Blanchard, Loring, of Rockland Jackson, Sarah F., of Rockland
LDEJ 1861-11-05 M 1861-??-?? Rockland Hooper, Horatio B., of South Thomaston Webster, Emma F., of South Thomaston
LDEJ 1861-11-11 D 1861-??-?? Washington, DC Russell, Asa (22y), Co. F, 3rd maine Regiment son of Russell, Seth, of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1861-11-18 M 1861-??-?? Albany Wardwell, Peter, of Albany Hutchinson, Miranda, of Albany
LDEJ 1861-11-18 M 1861-??-?? Albany Flint, Amos Jr., of Waterford Alley, Martha Jane, of Waterford
LDEJ 1861-11-18 M 1861-??-?? Canton Barden, Ezra P., of Farmington Stanley, Anna Louisa, of Canton
LDEJ 1861-11-22 D 1861-??-?? Skowhegan Bigelow, James (95y 10d)
LDEJ 1861-11-22 D 1861-??-?? Skowhegan Lyford, Charles W. (about 35y)
LDEJ 1861-11-22 M 1861-??-?? Lewiston Pratt, Thomas G., of Greene Rounds, Lizzie P., of Danville
LDEJ 1861-11-23 D 1861-??-?? Sidney Folger, Capt. Elisha (91y)
LDEJ 1861-11-23 M 1861-??-?? Fairfield Foss, Amos L., of Norridgewock Noble, Rose A., of Fairfield
LDEJ 1861-11-25 M 1861-??-?? Camden Eames, John C. Ellis, Frances
LDEJ 1861-11-25 M 1861-??-?? Camden Simmons, Nathaniel G. Richards, Lydia A.
LDEJ 1861-11-25 M 1861-??-?? Norridgewock Pattee, Asa W., of Mercer Thompson, Drusilla V., of Smithfield
LDEJ 1861-11-25 M 1861-??-?? Skowhegan Wood, Quincy P., of Anson Campbell, Ellen R., of Anson
LDEJ 1861-11-26 D 1861-??-?? Portland Senter, Andrew G. (44y) native of Portsmouth
LDEJ 1861-11-26 M 1861-??-?? Benton Gray, Henry O. Gibson, Addie
LDEJ 1861-11-26 M 1861-??-?? Bucksport Swazey, Capt. Joseph L. Cobb, Martha E.
LDEJ 1861-11-26 M 1861-??-?? China Webber, Andrew, of China Haskell, Ellen, of China
LDEJ 1861-11-26 M 1861-??-?? Portland Fox, Frederic, esq. Smith, Mary C., daughter of Smith, Hon. M. H.
LDEJ 1861-11-27 M 1861-??-?? Webster Donnell, Benjamin Harris, Cynthia
LDEJ 1861-11-27 M 1861-??-?? Webster Warren, Charles W. Merryman, Vesta M.
LDEJ 1861-12-03 D 1861-??-?? (illegible) Hutchins, son (17y) son of Butchins, John and Nancy
LDEJ 1861-12-03 M 1861-??-?? Webster Parker, Nathaniel Jr., of Durham Jordan, Hannah D., of Webster
LDEJ 1861-12-06 D 1861-??-?? Norridgewock Oliver, Hannah (92y)
LDEJ 1861-12-06 M 1861-??-?? Belmont Heal, William J., of Belmont Dickey, Julia A., of Belmont
LDEJ 1861-12-06 M 1861-??-?? Camden Eames, John C., of Camden Eells, Frances L., of Camden
LDEJ 1861-12-06 M 1861-??-?? Portland Perkins, Henry W., of Portland McGowan, Harriet E., of Portland
LDEJ 1861-12-06 M 1861-??-?? Searspoint Colcord, Frank A., of Searspoint West, Eliza A., of Searspoint
LDEJ 1861-12-07 M 1861-??-?? Waterville McCrillis, Nelson T., of Waterville Penney, Hattie P., of Waterville
LDEJ 1861-12-09 M 1861-??-?? Monroe Patterson, Washington, of Monroe Batchelder, Lydia J., of Monroe
LDEJ 1861-12-14 D 1861-??-?? Hallowell Morgan, Nancy (86y) wife of Morgan, Levi
LDEJ 1861-12-14 D 1861-??-?? Wayne Dexter, Samuel (61y)
LDEJ 1861-12-14 D 1861-??-?? Winthrop Snow, John P. (57y)
LDEJ 1861-12-16 D 1861-??-?? Richmond, VA Gowen, N. B. (39y) of Rockland, died while held as a prisoner of war
LDEJ 1861-12-16 M 1861-??-?? Bristol Keen, Daniel, of Bremen Woodbury, Eudora, of Bremen
LDEJ 1861-12-16 M 1861-??-?? Bristol Poland, Albert, of Bristol McIntyre, Mary, of Bristol
LDEJ 1861-12-16 M 1861-??-?? Richmond Clark, Melvill C., of Richmond Small, N., of Richmond
LDEJ 1861-12-20 D 1861-??-?? East Vassalboro Weeks, Capt. Reuben (73y)
LDEJ 1861-12-20 D 1861-??-?? East Vassalboro Harris, Merriam (85y)
LDEJ 1861-12-20 D 1861-??-?? East Vassalboro Doe, Capt. David (85y)
LDEJ 1861-12-20 D 1861-??-?? Gardiner Savage, Mary E. (33y) wife of Savage, George W.
LDEJ 1861-12-20 D 1861-??-?? Hallowell Snow, Emma F. (20y) wife of Snow, Thomas A.
LDEJ 1861-12-20 D 1861-??-?? South Vassalboro Whitehouse, Edward Jr. (48y)
LDEJ 1861-12-20 D 1861-??-?? West Gardiner Fuller, Sarah A. (28y) wife of Fuller, Daniel
LDEJ 1861-12-27 M 1861-??-?? Kennebunk Green, Joseph H., of the 13th Maine Regiment, of Wells Lewis, Patience, of Wells
LDEJ 1861-12-30 M 1861-??-?? Clinton Allen, Oscar, D., of New Haven, CT Totman, Fidelia R., of Clinton
LDEJ 1862-01-03 D 1861-??-?? Skowhegan Way, Mary Ann (about 20y) wife of Way, Lawberry
LDEJ 1862-01-03 D 1861-??-?? Winthrop Jay, Moses Jr. (26y)
LDEJ 1862-01-03 D 1861-??-?? Winthrop McCarty, Katy (18y)
LDEJ 1862-01-03 M 1861-??-?? Lewiston Littlefield, Robert, of Lewiston Bussell, Hannah M., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-01-04 M 1861-??-?? Camp Beal, Baltimore County, MD Whitney, Lieut. B. F., of Portland, ME, 10th Maine Regiment Elder, Fannie A., of Portland, ME
LDEJ 1861-10-30 D 1861-??-18 West Durham Pollister, Sarah (78y)
LDEJ 1861-10-30 D 1861-??-26 West Durham Fickett, Polly (88y)

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