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PaperPublication DateEvent TypeEvent DateEvent LocationPerson 1Person 2/Notes
LDEJ 1862-03-01 M 1861-12-24 St George Elwell, William A. Long, Clara W.
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-??-?? Norridgewock Spaulding, Capt. Thomas (about 65y)
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-01 Norridgewock Shorey, Mary W. (29y) wife of Shorey, John, daughter of Haggett, Isaac
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-02 Norridgewock Hill, Amos S. (73y 2m)
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-04 Prospect Whitehouse, Martha (25y) wife of Whitehouse, John, daughter of Sevey, Ebenezer
LDEJ 1862-03-01 M 1862-02-06 Livermore Weld, Reuben P., of Livermore Ridkley, Abiar R., of Wayne
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-07 Readfield Hunter, Betsey B. (44y) wife of Hunter, Samuel
LDEJ 1862-03-01 M 1862-02-09 Penobscot Emerson, David D., of Bluehill Nutter, Hannah Elmira, of Bluehill
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-14 Brooklin Tibbetts, John L. (90y 11m 10d)
LDEJ 1862-03-01 M 1862-02-14 Augusta Beal, Gardner, of the 15th Maine Regiment, of Augusta Sawtelle, Sarah E., of Augusta
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-16 Glenburn Morrill, Col. Philip (70y) originally of Methuen, MA, for many years a citizen of Belfast, ME
LDEJ 1862-03-01 M 1862-02-16 Paris Dean, Robinson, of Paris Taylor, Laura J., of Buckfield
LDEJ 1862-03-01 M 1862-02-18 Oxford Caldwell, William F., of Oxford Winship, Hattie D., of Otisfield
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-21 Durham Gilman, Fannie S. (3y 11m 27d) only child of Gilman, James S. and Elizabeth C.
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-25 Poland Doten, John W. (33y)
LDEJ 1862-03-01 D 1862-02-27 Westbrook Macfield, Daniel V. (32y) of Auburn, nephew of Stevens, Leonard, esq.
LDEJ 1862-03-03 M 1862-02-07 Eastport Cousins, Charles, of Eastport Morang, Amelia J., of Eastport
LDEJ 1862-03-03 D 1862-02-09 Muscatine, IA Smith, Mary (53y) wife of Smith, Eben
LDEJ 1862-03-03 D 1862-02-13 Belfast Pillsbury, Cora M. (8y 2m)) daughter of Pillsbury, A. M. and C. C.
LDEJ 1862-03-03 M 1862-02-13 Belfast Hastings, Capt. Endicott, of Belfast Smith, Hannah, of Belfast
LDEJ 1862-03-03 M 1862-02-13 Belfast Patterson, Capt. Fitz W., of Belfast Lear, Susan M., of Belfast
LDEJ 1862-03-03 D 1862-02-15 Amesbury Barnard, Col. Jonathan (93y)
LDEJ 1862-03-03 D 1862-02-15 Appleton Curtis, David C. (88y 6m 8d)
LDEJ 1862-03-03 D 1862-02-15 Warren Fry, Theron F. (3y 8m 8d) son of Fry, Nathaniel
LDEJ 1862-03-03 D 1862-02-16 Glenburn Morrill, Col. Philip (70y)
LDEJ 1862-03-03 M 1862-02-16 Jonesboro Thompson, William H., of Centreville Thompson, Clarinda S., of Centreville
LDEJ 1862-03-03 M 1862-02-18 Portland Cates, James D., of Portland Curren, Margaret, of Portland
LDEJ 1862-03-03 M 1862-02-21 Portland Jacobs, A. H., of Portland Bunson, Angelia, of Boston
LDEJ 1862-03-03 D 1862-02-23 Rockland Mason, Lizzie E. (1y 3m) daughter of Mason, Charles and Henrietta A.
LDEJ 1862-03-03 M 1862-02-27 Portland Emmons, John M., of Portland Smith, Deborah L., of Portland
LDEJ 1862-03-04 D 1862-02-05 Bridgton Warren, Rebecca (94y 6m)
LDEJ 1862-03-04 D 1862-02-07 Paris Parlin, John C (21y)
LDEJ 1862-03-04 M 1862-02-09 Hanover Lane, Edwin R., of Hanover Powers, Theresa C., of Hanover
LDEJ 1862-03-04 D 1862-02-16 Fryeburg Bradley, Alexander R. (52y 3m)
LDEJ 1862-03-04 D 1862-02-16 West Bethel Barker, Augusta Jane (16y) of Consumption
LDEJ 1862-03-04 M 1862-02-16 Bethel Holt, Galen C., of Bethel Burbank, Maria A., daughter of Burbank, Gen. James, of Gilead
LDEJ 1862-03-04 D 1862-02-26 Bangor Sawtelle, Amy Christania infant daughter of Sawtelle, O. p. and T. C.
LDEJ 1862-03-04 D 1862-02-26 Chelsea, MA Rounds, Betsey (68y) formerly of Bangor, mother in law of Frost, Andrew
LDEJ 1862-03-05 M 1862-??-?? Lisbon Webber, Enock L., of Bowdoin Small, Mahala, of Bowdoin
LDEJ 1862-03-05 M 1862-02-22 Lewiston Lyon, Charles C., of Lewiston Smith, Lizzie S., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-05 M 1862-03-02 Stockton Cotton, John P., of Dorchester, MA Berry, Mary Ann, of Stockton, ME
LDEJ 1862-03-05 D 1862-03-04 Auburn Dingley, Minerva (39y) wife of Dingley, J.
LDEJ 1862-03-05 D 1862-03-04 Auburn Seabury, Capt. David (42y) buried in Yarmouth
LDEJ 1862-03-06 M 1862-02-13 Norridgewock Wadleigh, J. S., of Meredith, NH Russell, S. F., of Anson
LDEJ 1862-03-06 D 1862-03-05 Augusta Davis, Rodney (about 22y) member of Co G., Maine Cavalry, son of Davis, Stephen, esq., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-07 D 1862-02-19 Livermore Falls Rackley, Abigail (63y 9m 9d) wife of Rackley, Stephen
LDEJ 1862-03-07 M 1862-02-19 Weld Payne, William, of Weld Phinney, Martha J., of Weld
LDEJ 1862-03-07 D 1862-02-23 Wilton Cammett, James M. (45y 4m)
LDEJ 1862-03-08 D 1862-??-?? Glenburn Morrell, Col. Philip (70y)
LDEJ 1862-03-08 D 1862-??-?? Waterville Williams, Hannah wife of Williams, Dea. Clifford
LDEJ 1862-03-08 M 1862-??-?? Lisbon Webster, Enoch L., of Bowdoin Small, Mahala, of Bowdoin
LDEJ 1862-03-08 M 1862-02-22 Lewiston Lyon, Charles C., of Lewiston Smith, Lizzie S., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-08 D 1862-02-25 Augusta Read, Lucy D. (38y 1m) by suicide, wife of Read, Luther W.
LDEJ 1862-03-10 D 1862-??-?? New York Hyatt, Maggie C. (28y) daughter of Smith, Charles B., esq
LDEJ 1862-03-10 M 1862-??-?? Norridgewock Jones, Osgood C. Green, Betsey Y.
LDEJ 1862-03-10 D 1862-03-05 Portland Eastman, Pollie R. (49y)
LDEJ 1862-03-10 M 1862-03-05 Bangor Dole, Frank B., of Bangor Gorham, Hattie E., only daughter of Gorham, G. W., esq., of Bangor
LDEJ 1862-03-10 D 1862-03-06 Fryeburg Gilman, Mary A. (19y 4m 24d) daughter of Gilman, Henry and Alvira
LDEJ 1862-03-11 M 1862-02-08 Poland Cummings, Melville B., of Poland Estes, Olive E., of Poland
LDEJ 1862-03-11 M 1862-02-08 Poland Estes, Levi N., of Poland Cummings, Susan N., of Poland
LDEJ 1862-03-11 M 1862-03-01 Biddeford Seavey, James, of Limington Hutchins, Ellen, of Biddeford
LDEJ 1862-03-11 M 1862-03-03 Bucksport Tarbox, William L., of Bucksport Dailey, Mary A., of Bucksport
LDEJ 1862-03-11 D 1862-03-05 Augusta Davis, Rodney (23y 8m 13d) member of Co. G, Maine Cavalry, son of Davis, Stephen, esq.
LDEJ 1862-03-11 M 1862-03-06 Leeds Trask, Benjamin F., of Leeds Millett, Tabatha A., of Leeds
LDEJ 1862-03-11 M 1862-03-06 Searsport Ward, mark Blanchard, Martha P.
LDEJ 1862-03-11 D 1862-03-08 Gorham Mann, Hon. Edmund (76y)
LDEJ 1862-03-11 D 1862-03-09 Portland Day, Eunice (78y 11m) widow of Day, Ezekiel, esq.
LDEJ 1862-03-12 D 1862-02-17 At Sea Andrews, Lieut. John H. (23y) aboard the seamer "Star of the South", off Great Warsaw Island, GA, son of Andrews, Samuel, of Freeport
LDEJ 1862-03-12 M 1862-03-06 Windham Libby, Samuel, of Windham Leighton, Mary E., of Cumberland
LDEJ 1862-03-13 D 1862-03-07 Norridgewock Townsend, Dr. Amos (82y)
LDEJ 1862-03-13 D 1862-03-08 Ellsworth Holmes, Sarah (58y 6m)
LDEJ 1862-03-13 M 1862-03-08 Hampden Stewart, Henry, of Hampden Wilson, Emma, of Hampden
LDEJ 1862-03-13 M 1862-03-10 Brewer Village Brower, Galen J., of Brewer Village Weeks, Alice H., of Brewer Village
LDEJ 1862-03-14 D 1862-02-27 Leeds Herrick, Maj. Israel (71y 1m)
LDEJ 1862-03-14 D 1862-03-02 Turner Martin, Roxana (about 30y) wife of Martin, Philo
LDEJ 1862-03-14 M 1862-03-02 Minot Corner Starbird, Henry, of Poland Eaton, Mary E., of Poland
LDEJ 1862-03-14 M 1862-03-03 Bucksport Tarbox, William, of Bucksport Dailey, Mary A., of Bucksport
LDEJ 1862-03-14 M 1862-03-05 Bangor Dole, Frank B., of Bangor Gorham, Hattie E., only daughter of Gorham, G. W., esq., of Bangor
LDEJ 1862-03-14 M 1862-03-05 Bangor Merrill, Samuel S., of Bangor Rogers, Helen M., of Bangor
LDEJ 1862-03-14 D 1862-03-08 Portland Greene, Mary A. (35y) wife of Greene, Capt. Benjamin F.
LDEJ 1862-03-14 M 1862-03-09 Lewiston Stevens, Bradford, of Lewiston Stevens, Emmaetta, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-14 D 1862-03-11 Cape Elizabeth Wilson, James (72y) formerly of Topsham
LDEJ 1862-03-14 D 1862-03-11 Portland Snow, Sarah (72y 7m)
LDEJ 1862-03-15 M 1862-02-20 Richmond Edge, Capt. George W., of Bath Houdlette, Hattie L., daughter of Houdlette, Capt. Franklin, of Richmond
LDEJ 1862-03-15 D 1862-02-22 Port Royal Lunt, William H. of Brunswick, volunteer in the 8th Maine Regiment
LDEJ 1862-03-15 M 1862-02-31 Freeport Litchfield, Lewis H., of Freeport McManus, Maria L., of Freeport
LDEJ 1862-03-15 D 1862-03-02 Durham Knight, Theophilus (73y)
LDEJ 1862-03-15 D 1862-03-06 West Bath Williams, James (91y)
LDEJ 1862-03-15 D 1862-03-09 Bath Simmons, Henry (26y 4m)
LDEJ 1862-03-15 D 1862-03-09 Bath Joyce, Catherine (16y)
LDEJ 1862-03-15 M 1862-03-12 Topsham McKeen, Joseph Jr. M.D., of Topsham Chase, Frances C., of Topsham
LDEJ 1862-03-17 D 1862-02-13 Millbury, MA Stowers, Susan F. (39y 9m) wife of Stowers, John Jr., of Farmington
LDEJ 1862-03-17 D 1862-02-25 Phillips Tarbox, Virgil Stanwood (6m) of Whooping Cough, son of Tarbox, Benjamin and Sarah W.
LDEJ 1862-03-17 D 1862-02-28 Salem Billington, Mary A. (11y 3m) adopted daughter of Billington, Daniel C and Mary W.
LDEJ 1862-03-17 D 1862-02-28 Salem Hayford, Lafayette (15y 10m 17d) son of Hayford, Isaac and Charlotte
LDEJ 1862-03-17 M 1862-02-28 Cherryfield Hale, George W., of Aurora (travelled 60 miles in a terrific storm to make the wedding) Hall, Harriet, of Cherryfield
LDEJ 1862-03-17 D 1862-02-31 Farmington Lowell, Joseph K. (17y)
LDEJ 1862-03-17 D 1862-03-?? Salem Williams, George W. (13y 11m) only son of Williams, George W.
LDEJ 1862-03-17 M 1862-03-02 Belfast Robbins, Emerson, of Belfast Flowers, Mary Ann, of Belfast
LDEJ 1862-03-17 M 1862-03-06 Belfast Pate, Augustus E., of Bangor Colcord, Orilla, of Searsport
LDEJ 1862-03-17 M 1862-03-08 Belfast West, James Gilby, Eliza E., of Belfast
LDEJ 1862-03-17 M 1862-03-09 Searsport Sawyer, James E. C., of Searsport Sargent, Lucy A., of Searsport
LDEJ 1862-03-17 M 1862-03-12 Lewiston Moore, George B., of Lisbon Cushman, Louisa M, of Webster
LDEJ 1862-03-18 M 1862-02-05 South Paris Richards, Samuel Jr., of South Paris Dearborn, Susan, of Bridgton
LDEJ 1862-03-18 D 1862-02-06 Fryeburg Gilman, Mary A. (19y) daughter of Gilman, Henry and Elvira
LDEJ 1862-03-18 D 1862-02-07 Abbott Capen, Oliver (89y) formerly of Dorchester, MA
LDEJ 1862-03-18 M 1862-02-16 Franklin Plantation Canwell, Amos B., of Franklin Plantation Allen, Esther V., of Franklin Plantation
LDEJ 1862-03-18 D 1862-02-19 Sangerville Dearth, Fanny S. (64y) wife of Dearth, Leonard
LDEJ 1862-03-18 M 1862-02-22 Canton Donham, Edward M., of Canton Marston, Ellen S., of Canton
LDEJ 1862-03-18 M 1862-02-22 Canton Richardson, Edwin F., of Canton Reed, Almirah, of Canton
LDEJ 1862-03-18 M 1862-03-02 North Waterford Boothby, Simon P., of Limington Kimball, Mary E., of Albany
LDEJ 1862-03-18 D 1862-03-03 East Sangerville Hutchinson, Abby Sophia (11y 4m) daughter of Hutchinson, Daniel and Maria
LDEJ 1862-03-18 M 1862-03-05 Mexico Tracy, Orrin, of Peru Whitman, Sarah V., of Hanover
LDEJ 1862-03-18 D 1862-03-06 Foxcroft Lee, Nehemiah (87y) one of the earliest settlers of Peacham, VT, father of Lee, Lyman, esq.
LDEJ 1862-03-18 M 1862-03-06 Paris Stowell, Elias, of Paris Mains, Mary E., of Bethel
LDEJ 1862-03-18 D 1862-03-08 Foxcroft Evans, Fanny (87y) formerly of Minot
LDEJ 1862-03-18 D 1862-03-09 Paris Walton, Simeon (83y)
LDEJ 1862-03-19 M 1862-03-12 Biddeford Wilkinson, Rufus, of Biddeford Leighton, Mary F., of Biddeford
LDEJ 1862-03-19 D 1862-03-16 Portland Knight, Abbie (19y) daughter of Knight, Isaac and Abigail
LDEJ 1862-03-19 M 1862-03-16 West Cambridge, MA Wellington, Henry A., of Lexington, MA Moore, Angeline E., of Canaan
LDEJ 1862-03-20 D 1862-02-20 Mt Desert Davis, Frances (9y) of Diptheria, daughter of Davis, Betsey
LDEJ 1862-03-20 M 1862-03-15 Auburn Conant, Charles McIntosh, Ellena, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-21 D 1862-02-20 Vinalhaven Walker, Lizzie (2y) daughter of Walker, E. P.
LDEJ 1862-03-21 D 1862-02-22 Hancock Young, Dea. William (71y)
LDEJ 1862-03-21 D 1862-02-25 Frankfort Crockett, Frank Howard (1y 2m) son of Crockett, Allard and Martha
LDEJ 1862-03-21 D 1862-02-28 Ellsworth Haynes, Susan B. (60y) of Consumption of the Lungs, wife of Haynes, Thomas
LDEJ 1862-03-21 M 1862-02-29 Cherryfield Parkin, John, of St Stephen, NB Small, Maria J., of Cherryfield
LDEJ 1862-03-21 D 1862-02-31 Lowell, MA Rand, James Benson (25y) son of Rand, Reuben and Mary, Lisbon, ME
LDEJ 1862-03-21 M 1862-03-07 Whiting Dowling, Henry, of Whiting Thompson, Lucy, of East Machias
LDEJ 1862-03-21 D 1862-03-12 Hallowell Smith, Elizabeth (75y 5m) of Pleura Pneumonia, wife of Smith Capt. Samuel, ill for 4 days
LDEJ 1862-03-21 D 1862-03-15 Danville Skinner, Arthur Willie (13m) son of Skinner, Calvin G. and Louisa
LDEJ 1862-03-21 M 1862-03-15 Auburn Conant, Charles McIntosh, Ellen, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-22 M 1862-??-?? Fayette Gill, Elijah, of Chesterville Moulton, Elvira P., of Chesterville
LDEJ 1862-03-22 M 1862-??-?? Topsham McKeen, Jacob Jr., M.D. Chase, Francis C.
LDEJ 1862-03-22 M 1862-??-?? Windham Libbey, Samuel Leighton, Mary E.
LDEJ 1862-03-22 D 1862-03-06 Chelsea Davenport, Susan (36y) wife of Davenport, John
LDEJ 1862-03-22 D 1862-03-11 Bowdoinham Whitmore, Solon W. (23y 9m) buried with masonic honors
LDEJ 1862-03-22 M 1862-03-12 Madison, Dane County, WI Pickard, Charles W., of Portland Groth, Etta E, adopted daughter of Pickard, Josiah, of Madison
LDEJ 1862-03-22 M 1862-03-15 Augusta Robbins, Warren W. Springer, Ann
LDEJ 1862-03-22 M 1862-03-15 Beal's Hotel, Togus Norcross, Richard R., of Augusta Cooper, Olive, of Augusta
LDEJ 1862-03-22 D 1862-03-16 Hallowell Gardiner, Annie Maria Hallowell (9y 3m) youngest daughter of Gardiner, D. L.
LDEJ 1862-03-22 M 1862-03-17 Hallowell Gerald, George W., of Augusta Harris, Jane F., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-24 D 1862-??-?? Cornville Fogg, Earnest C. (4y) son of Fogg, A. K. P. and Sarah
LDEJ 1862-03-24 M 1862-??-?? Skowhegan Barbeau, Charles Barbeau, Angelia
LDEJ 1862-03-24 D 1862-02-28 Foxcroft Folsom, Frank J. (30y 6m 7d) of Consumption, son of Folsom, Jonathan and Rebecca, of Cornville
LDEJ 1862-03-24 D 1862-03-14 Skowhegan Swift, Charles (3y) son of Swift, Richard B. and Olive
LDEJ 1862-03-24 D 1862-03-15 Skowhegan Malbou, Peter (76y)
LDEJ 1862-03-25 D 1862-??-?? Brigade Hospital, Alexandria, VA Turner, Charles E. (18y) son of Turner, Josiah M., of Gray
LDEJ 1862-03-25 M 1862-02-27 Biddeford Gill, Capt. Charles Whittier, Adaline
LDEJ 1862-03-25 M 1862-03-05 Rochester, NY Dunning, George F., of New York Wilder, Delia A., of Rochester
LDEJ 1862-03-25 D 1862-03-10 Bowdoinham Whitmore, Solon W. (23y 9m 8d)
LDEJ 1862-03-25 D 1862-03-11 Cape Elizabeth Wilson, James (72y) formerly of Topsham
LDEJ 1862-03-25 D 1862-03-11 Portland Snow, Sarah (72y 7m)
LDEJ 1862-03-25 M 1862-03-12 Brunswick Roach, Joseph, of Brunswick King, Mary F., of Brunswick
LDEJ 1862-03-25 M 1862-03-12 Portland Young, James J., of Lancaster, West Canada Holmes, Jennie, daughter of Chase, Capt. John W., of Portland
LDEJ 1862-03-25 D 1862-03-18 Lewiston Trafton, Frank Lincoln (14m 18d) only child of Trafton, Waterman and Judith
LDEJ 1862-03-25 D 1862-03-24 Lewiston Morgan, Bertram M. (3y 4m 3d) of Croup, only child of Morgan, James S.
LDEJ 1862-03-26 D 1862-02-01 Greene Dagget, Aaron, esq. (74y)
LDEJ 1862-03-26 D 1862-03-15 Leeds Turner, Mary Ellen (12y) daughter of Turner, William G and Mary S, of Diptheria
LDEJ 1862-03-26 D 1862-03-15 Leeds Turner, Hannah Evelina (6y 3m) daughter of Turner, William G and Mary S, of Diptheria
LDEJ 1862-03-26 M 1862-03-19 Huntington, NY Gould, George C., of Huntington, NY Higgins, Persia M., formerly of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-26 D 1862-03-20 Turner Merrill, Dea. Thomas (87y 8m 1d)
LDEJ 1862-03-26 D 1862-03-24 Leeds Turner, Jacobina (4y 8m) daughter of Turner, William G and Mary S, of Diptheria
LDEJ 1862-03-27 D 1862-03-19 Auburn Jordan, Abbie P. (5y) daughter of Jordan, F. M. and Pathena
LDEJ 1862-03-27 M 1862-03-22 Lewiston Emerson, Martin, of Lewiston Carr, Isabelle, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1862-03-28 M 1862-??-?? Brooklyn, NY Darwood, Frank A., of California Hinds, Susie, of Maine
LDEJ 1862-03-28 D 1862-03-10 North Livermore Robinson, Elizabeth G. (43y 8m) of Consumption, wife of Robinson, Samuel W.
LDEJ 1862-03-29 M 1862-03-06 Portland Dana, Charles, of Brighton, MA Hastings, Isabella W., of Waltham
LDEJ 1862-03-29 D 1862-03-25 Farmington Falls Young, Mary (82y 7m) widow of Young, John

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