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Events sorted by Publication Date - November 1867

PaperPublication DateEvent TypeEvent DateEvent LocationPerson 1Person 2/Notes
LEJ 1867-11-01 M 1867-10-?? Livermore Falls Ranger, Francis E., of Wilton Pierce, Ada E., of Jay
LEJ 1867-11-01 B 1867-10-13 Mechanic Falls Millett, son son of Millett, Frank A. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-01 D 1867-10-14 St Paul, MN Williams, Sophie Curtis (22y) wife of Williams, Henry L.
LEJ 1867-11-01 D 1867-10-17 Wilton Woodward, Celestia F. (19y)
LEJ 1867-11-01 M 1867-10-21 Freeman Davenport, Neal T., of Madrid Mitchell, Sarah E., of Phillips
LEJ 1867-11-01 M 1867-10-24 Farmington Parker, Harrison, of Phillips Allen, Mary E., of Philiips
LEJ 1867-11-01 M 1867-10-27 Freeman Huff, Shepherd L, of Freeman Cook, Sophia C., of Strong
LEJ 1867-11-01 M 1867-10-28 Orrington Bowden, Jeremiah, of Orrington Harriman, Sarah, of Orrington
LEJ 1867-11-01 B 1867-10-29 Auburn Tukesbury, daughter daughter of Tukesbury, C. D. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-01 D 1867-10-29 Boston Palmer, Caroline E. (37y) wife of Palmer, J. S., esq.
LEJ 1867-11-01 M 1867-10-29 Bangor Danforth, Charles F., of Bangor Darling, Lizzie W., of Bangor
LEJ 1867-11-01 M 1867-10-30 Portland Jordan, Greenville E., of Portland North, Mary E., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-01 M 1867-10-31 Lewiston Coburn, Freeman, of Lewiston Ruggles, Susan, of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-02 D 1867-10-01 Norway Sanborn, Everett Preston (12y) son of Sanborn, L. Q. and Mary S.
LEJ 1867-11-02 M 1867-10-05 Augusta Lowe, Joseph H., of Boston Philbrick, Mary C., of Jefferson
LEJ 1867-11-02 B 1867-10-21 Gardiner Sawyer, daughter daughter of Sawyer, H. R. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-02 D 1867-10-22 North Haven Rossiter, James A. (9m) son of Rossiter, John T. and Rebecca C.
LEJ 1867-11-02 D 1867-10-24 Rockland Manchester, Benjamin (1y) son of Manchester, David and Sarah
LEJ 1867-11-02 M 1867-10-24 Perry Green, Robert C., of Eastport Babkirk, Anna, of Perry
LEJ 1867-11-02 M 1867-10-24 Rockland Taylor, William H., of Rockland Frye, Mary, of Rockland
LEJ 1867-11-02 M 1867-10-25 Eastport Corbett, John R., of Eastport Cameron, Ruth C., of Eastport
LEJ 1867-11-02 D 1867-10-26 Norway Sanborn, Charles Freeland (8y) son of Sanborn, L. Q. and Mary S.
LEJ 1867-11-02 M 1867-10-26 Rockland Tolman, Franklin, of Rockland Jones, Elvira S., of Rockland
LEJ 1867-11-02 D 1867-10-27 Boston Lyon, Annie Isabel (22y 8m) wife of Lyon, William T., formerly of Paris
LEJ 1867-11-02 D 1867-10-27 Norway Sanborn, Mary S. (36y) wife of Sanborn, L. Q.
LEJ 1867-11-02 D 1867-10-27 Rockland Maxwell, James M. (52y) formerly of Cape Elizabeth
LEJ 1867-11-02 M 1867-10-27 Leeds Hersey, Luther S., of Winthrop Baird, Helen M., of Wayne
LEJ 1867-11-02 M 1867-10-27 West Camden Ingraham, Thomas H., of Rockland Healy, Rebecca A., of Rockland
LEJ 1867-11-02 D 1867-10-30 Lewiston Hatch, Lucy A. (30y 9m) wife of Hatch, Lewis M.
LEJ 1867-11-02 M 1867-11-01 Lewiston Cross, John B., of Lewiston Savage, Clara J., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-??-?? Bangor Godthwait, Lizzie Belle (4m) daughter of Goldthwait, George F. and Lizzie A.
LEJ 1867-11-04 M 1867-10-10 Gorham Hall, Charles W., of Windham Webb, Ellen F., of Gorham
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-11 Ellsworth Goss, Christina W. (32y)
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-13 Denmark Berry, Emilie F. (17y)
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-18 East Livermore Morrison, James (86y)
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-21 Eastport Hatch, Anna (72y)
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-22 West Gardiner Brann, James (85y)
LEJ 1867-11-04 M 1867-10-25 Penobscot Emerson, William N., of Sedgwick Gray, Jane Y., of Sedgwick
LEJ 1867-11-04 M 1867-10-25 Penobscot Hamilton, H. H., of Salem Beal, Sarah Y., of Ellsworth
LEJ 1867-11-04 B 1867-10-27 Northampton, MA Knight, son son of Knight, Warren and wife
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-27 Eastport Morrisy, Maggie Jane (3y 6m) daughter of Morrisy, Alexander and Catherine
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-28 Mechanic Falls Haskell, H. G. O. (44y 10m)
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-29 Poland Mabery, Lorenzo D. (39y 8m)
LEJ 1867-11-04 M 1867-10-29 Orland Haynes, Charles, of Ellsworth Cook, Lucy Ann, of Rockland
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-30 Brewer Skinner, Deacon Jeremiah (66y)
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-10-30 Stetson Pierce, Samuel (67y 4m) formerly of Bangor
LEJ 1867-11-04 M 1867-10-31 Selinsgrove, PA Marcley, Rev. O. D. S., of New York Carey, Amelia L., daughter of Carey, Danile, esq., of Selinsgrove, formerly of Maine
LEJ 1867-11-04 D 1867-11-02 Lewiston Parsons, Lemuel C. (37y 11m)
LEJ 1867-11-05 D 1867-??-?? Calais Wilcox, Jane Atwood (90y) formerly of Dartmouth, MA
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-10-15 Linneus Vail, David, of Linneus Shields, Alice E., of Linneus
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-10-17 Calais Kelley, James Clyne, Priscilla
LEJ 1867-11-05 D 1867-10-21 Houlton Sweeney, Edward (17y)
LEJ 1867-11-05 D 1867-10-22 Fort Kent Seely, Frank Page (6m) son of Seely, George and Mary P.
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-10-24 Houlton Davis, Samuel H., of Woodstock, NB Fairweather, Ritchie A., of Woodstock, NB
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-10-26 Calais Brooks, Joshua, of Robbinston Gordon, Cyrene, of St Stephen, NB
LEJ 1867-11-05 D 1867-10-27 East Wakefield Brooks, Phebe (84y) widow of Brooks, John
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-10-27 Mattawamkeag Rollins, John, of Hayneville Wilson, Isabel, of Levett
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-10-27 Oldtown Wadleigh, Rufus, of Oldtown Davis, Ellen M., of Oldtown
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-10-29 Calais McMullin, John I. Dawson, Julia
LEJ 1867-11-05 D 1867-10-31 Cambridge, MA Place, George G. (43y) formerly of Bath
LEJ 1867-11-05 D 1867-11-01 West Dover Ireland, Lizzie B. (6m) daughter of Ireland, Corydon and Lizzie K.
LEJ 1867-11-05 D 1867-11-02 Portland Waterhouse, Albert M. (35y) son of Waterhouse, David and Charlotte
LEJ 1867-11-05 D 1867-11-02 Portland Thompson, Louisa (55y 8m) wife of Thompson, David
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-11-02 Lewiston Thompson, D. Frank Clifford, Olive P.
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-11-02 Lewiston Snell, Royal T., of Lewiston Read, Maria B., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-11-03 Lisbon Mitchell, William D., of Palmyra Farrar, Des?? W., of Lisbon
LEJ 1867-11-05 M 1867-11-05 Auburn Perkins, Enoch, of Lewiston Davis, Lydia A., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-06 B 1867-??-?? Dorchester, MA White, daughter daughter of White, Benjamin and wife
LEJ 1867-11-06 M 1867-10-23 Portsmouth, NH Bragdon, James T., of Biddeford Clarke, Louisa A., of Biddeford
LEJ 1867-11-06 M 1867-10-24 Dover, NH Webber, Charles H., of Kennebunk Hutchins, Laura E., of Wells
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-10-25 Alfred Whitten, Daniel B. (73y 9m)
LEJ 1867-11-06 M 1867-10-26 New York City Plummer, C. A., of NY Webber, L. E., of Bangor
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-10-27 Waterboro Woodward, Sarah (52y) wife of Woodward, Francis
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-10-29 Saco Ridlon, Caroline (39y)
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-10-29 Scarboro Whitehouse, Mary (90y)
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-10-30 Kennebunkport Haley, Betsey (91y 11m)
LEJ 1867-11-06 A 1867-10-31 Pittston Cox, Capt. G. L. died of Heart Disease. Well known shipmaster and prominent citizen of Pittston, republican candidate for Representative
LEJ 1867-11-06 A 1867-11-01 East Dixfield Reynolds, Ephraim was at work in grist mill when floor gave way and he fell onto the wheel, being carried around a dozen times before he could get off, resulting in cuts, bruises and a broken leg.
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-11-01 Portland Dyer, George W. (4m) son of Dyer, John W. and Susan A.
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-11-02 Poland Thurlow, George Kenniston (11m 18d) son of Thurlow, Alfred G. and Mary B.
LEJ 1867-11-06 M 1867-11-02 Bangor James, John H., of Bangor Nicholson, Nancy E., of Bangor
LEJ 1867-11-06 M 1867-11-02 Cape Elizabeth Yeaton, Charles G., of South Berwick Rideout, Addie A., of Cape Elizabeth
LEJ 1867-11-06 M 1867-11-02 Oldtown Milliken, J. J. W., of Bangor Oakes, Albra A., of Brewer
LEJ 1867-11-06 A 1867-11-03 Bangor Irish, John arraigned for stealing a horse, wagon and harness from Ross, Micheal of Winn. Plead guilty
LEJ 1867-11-06 A 1867-11-03 Winn Ross, Michael had his horse, wagon and harness stolen by Irish, John
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-11-03 Kennebunkport Ward, Capt. Daniel (about 65y)
LEJ 1867-11-06 D 1867-11-04 Hanover Roberts, Lizzie M. (25y 8m)
LEJ 1867-11-06 M 1867-11-04 Cape Elizabeth Patterson, William, of Portland Sawyer, Abigail, of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-06 M 1867-11-05 Monmouth Lowell, John, of Winthrop Wilds, Elizabeth, of Monmouth
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-10-17 Maysville Knight, George W., of Presque Isle Willett, Sophia, of Limestone
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-10-24 China Lisherness, Orison B. Haskell, Mary E.
LEJ 1867-11-07 D 1867-10-27 Fort Fairfield Drew, Clara (40y) wife of Drew, Jesse
LEJ 1867-11-07 D 1867-10-27 Rockland Maxwell, James M. (52y) formerly of Cape Elizabeth
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-10-27 Augusta Bartlett, Edward W., of Lewiston Reynolds, Tilley M., of Augusta
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-10-30 Presque Isle Brown, Addison J., of Washburn Hardison, Ida M., of Lyndon
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-10-31 Augusta Ward, Sumner, of Augusta Reynolds, Louisa E., of Augusta
LEJ 1867-11-07 B 1867-11-02 Brimfield, MA Moulton, daughter (twin) daughter of Moulton, Clesson and wife
LEJ 1867-11-07 B 1867-11-02 Brimfield, MA Moulton, daughter (twin) daughter of Moulton, Clesson and wife
LEJ 1867-11-07 D 1867-11-02 Concord, NH Chase, Maggie A. (28y 11m) wife of Chase, A. H.
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-11-02 Augusta Cony, Horace B., of Augusta Berry, Frances V., of Augusta
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-11-02 Bowdoinham Stacy, Samuel W., of Bath Smith, Annie V., of Bowdoinham
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-11-02 Clinton Burgess, Moody C. Hunter, Ann
LEJ 1867-11-07 D 1867-11-03 Newport Emery, Samuel (62y) of Boston, formerly of Bath
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-11-03 Phipsburg Collins, G. Jr., of Boston Perry, Georgiana A., of Phipsburg
LEJ 1867-11-07 D 1867-11-04 Gorham Waterhouse, William H. (88y)
LEJ 1867-11-07 D 1867-11-04 Westbrook Cobb, Lewis R. (8y 7m) son of Cobb, Edward T. and E. A. W.
LEJ 1867-11-07 D 1867-11-05 Portland Weston, Nellie G. (12y) daughter of the late Weston, F. H. and Ellen L., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-07 M 1867-11-05 Portland Harris, William, of Portland Ragon, Charlotte, of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-08 M 1867-10-21 Concord Felker, Freeman, of Concord Felker, Mary A., of Concord
LEJ 1867-11-08 B 1867-10-23 Farmingdale Harley, daughter daughter of Harley, P. C. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-08 M 1867-10-23 Howland Rideout, Henry M., of Dexter Hammatt, Lucie S., of Howland
LEJ 1867-11-08 D 1867-10-25 Augusta Nason, John (81y)
LEJ 1867-11-08 D 1867-10-31 Smithfield, RI Tripp, O. (72y) formerly of Gardiner
LEJ 1867-11-08 D 1867-10-31 Strong Young, Mary (86y)
LEJ 1867-11-08 M 1867-10-31 Anson Bird, William S., of Unadilla, MI Barton, Elgiva, of Anson
LEJ 1867-11-08 D 1867-11-03 Strong Porter, Ezekiel (76y)
LEJ 1867-11-08 M 1867-11-03 Pittston Goodwin, Joseph H. Smart, Olive A.
LEJ 1867-11-08 M 1867-11-04 Gardiner Smith, George L., of Bath Whitney, Harriet A., of Gardiner
LEJ 1867-11-08 D 1867-11-05 Farmington Hopkins, Mary W. (47y) wife of Hopkins, Joseph B.
LEJ 1867-11-08 M 1867-11-05 Augusta Manson, Edwin R., of Augusta Roberts, Eldora A., of West Gardiner
LEJ 1867-11-08 M 1867-11-06 Farmington Orr, William, of Newington, NH Young, Mary J., of Farmington
LEJ 1867-11-08 D 1867-11-08 Fayette Underwood, Joseph H. (84y)
LEJ 1867-11-09 D 1867-10-25 North Monmouth Pettengill, John A., esq. (53y)
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-10-31 Belfast Hand, George F., of Binghamton, NY Caldwell, Emily H., of Belfast
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-10-31 Camden Hosmer, Henry M., of Camden Glover, Mary S., of Camden
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-02 Biddeford Locke, William F., of Biddeford Ward, Georgia E., of Biddeford
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-02 Dixmont Simson, Lewis F.of Dixmont Marden, Maria N. B., of Dixmont
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-02 Liberty Davis, Elbridge, of Liberty Evans, Maria A., of Liberty
LEJ 1867-11-09 D 1867-11-03 Brunswick Green, Elizabeth (75y 8m)
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-03 Belfast Stephenson, Augustus H., of Belfast Dean, Hattie L., of Belfast
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-03 Biddeford Beach, Charles H., of Saco Harris, Sarah, of New Sharon
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-03 Lyman Tripp, Ferdinand E., of Saco Ford, Fannie M., of Saco
LEJ 1867-11-09 D 1867-11-04 Hallowell Snow, Capt. Thomas (59y)
LEJ 1867-11-09 D 1867-11-04 Saco Eastman, Stephen (77y) formerly of Buxton
LEJ 1867-11-09 D 1867-11-06 Topsham Haley, Melissa W. (29y 4m)
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-06 Gorham, NH Locke, Franklin, of Paris, ME Hall, Lydia, of Gorham
LEJ 1867-11-09 D 1867-11-07 Lewiston Magerry, Anna (19y)
LEJ 1867-11-09 D 1867-11-07 Waterville McFadden, Temperance (71y) of Vassalboro
LEJ 1867-11-09 B 1867-11-09 Lewiston Wilbur, daughter daughter of Wilbur, George and wife
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-09 Portland Keith, Albion, of Portland Davis, Lucy Helen, of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-09 M 1867-11-09 Portland Simonds, Franklin, of Portland Mason, Georgia A., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-??-?? Cornville Flanders, Jeremiah (70y)
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-??-?? Cornville Parsons, Marcus (50y)
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-??-?? Guilford Bursley, Franklin (9y)
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-10-14 Boston Shepard, Freeman S., of Belfast Dodge, Martha B., of Boston
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-10-24 Foxcroft Bean, Sylvia (76y)
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-10-25 Dover Harmon, Mehitable wife of Harmon, Charles T.
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-10-27 Centre Guilford Ladd, Ann R. (21y 5m)
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-10-28 Dover Blake, Harvey (70y)
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-02 Buckfield Dunham, John, of Buckfield "his first wife", of Buckfield
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-02 Clinton Burgess, Moody C. Hunter, Ann
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-03 Farmington Knowle, Daniel H., of New Portland Titcomb, Frances A., of Kingsbury
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-04 Portland True, Hollis, of Pownal Quinby, Elvira A., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-11-05 Farmington Hopkins, Mary (45y) wife of Hopkins, Joseph B.
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-11-07 Hartford Howard, Thirza (70y) wife of Howard, Barnabus
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-11-07 West Bath Elbridge, Octavia L. (47y 10m)
LEJ 1867-11-11 D 1867-11-07 Westport Jewett, Ruth R. (67y)
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-07 Portland Grithith, John, of Portland Greeley, Sarah M., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-07 Portland Stevens, Albert A., of Portland Green, Evalena, of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-11 B 1867-11-09 Lewiston Coombs, son son of Coombs, C. A. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-10 Auburn Holt, James H., of Lewiston Nelson, Elver, of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-10 Lewiston Wood, Emery A., of Portland Mason, Louisa W., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-11 M 1867-11-10 Portland Greenwood, Lewis D., of Portland Hall, Hannah B., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-12 D 1867-10-23 Kenduskeag Savage, Lizzie (20y) daughter of Savage, Nelson and Elizabeth S.
LEJ 1867-11-12 M 1867-11-02 Orrington Kendall, Capt. Orlando J., of Orrington Brown, Serena S., of Orrington
LEJ 1867-11-12 M 1867-11-03 Swanville Mays, Ashur H., of Monroe White, Gustie E., of Winterport
LEJ 1867-11-12 M 1867-11-03 Topsham Merryman, William S., of Brunswick Dennett, Fannie E., of Topsham
LEJ 1867-11-12 M 1867-11-04 Bucksport Bowen, Howard, of Bucksport Montgomery, Flora, of Bucksport
LEJ 1867-11-12 D 1867-11-05 Standish Estelle, Nancy (82y) formerly of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-12 M 1867-11-06 Newcastle Glidden, Albert 2nd, of Newcastle White, Mary E., of Newcastle
LEJ 1867-11-12 B 1867-11-09 Auburn Coburn, son son of Coburn, Allen and wife
LEJ 1867-11-12 D 1867-11-09 Portland Green, Robert F., esq. (72y)
LEJ 1867-11-12 D 1867-11-09 Portland Richards, Mattie E. daughter of Hatch, Isaac and Eliza
LEJ 1867-11-12 M 1867-11-09 Auburn Rich, Henry S., of Auburn Phillips, Martha D., of Auburn
LEJ 1867-11-12 D 1867-11-10 Portland Sweetser, Samuel, esq. (78y) formerly of North Yarmouth
LEJ 1867-11-12 M 1867-11-10 Lewiston Colby, Warren, of Hallowell Smith, Addie, of Windsor
LEJ 1867-11-12 D 1867-11-12 Auburn Staples, Martha (85y 9m) the oldest person in Auburn
LEJ 1867-11-13 M 1867-??-?? Portland Blake, Ebenezer N., of Portland Evanson, Eliza A., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-13 M 1867-10-16 Sumner Hall, George E., of West Peru DeMerritt, Mary F., of West Peru
LEJ 1867-11-13 D 1867-10-27 Livermore Tobin, Joseph (77y)
LEJ 1867-11-13 D 1867-11-04 Scarboro Foss, Julia A. (19y) daughter of Foss, Ether S.
LEJ 1867-11-13 D 1867-11-06 Saco Eastman, Stephen (77y) formerly of Buxton
LEJ 1867-11-13 D 1867-11-07 Boston Kimball, Oliver D. (47y) formerly of Kennebunk
LEJ 1867-11-13 D 1867-11-07 Kennebunk Taylor, Julia A. (19y) daughter of Taylor, James
LEJ 1867-11-13 M 1867-11-07 Bowdoin Tarr, William H. Wilson, Maria B.
LEJ 1867-11-13 M 1867-11-09 Fayette Jones, Moses T., of Fayette Judkins, Sophia F., of Fayette
LEJ 1867-11-13 M 1867-11-09 Yarmouth Brewer, Lincoln, of Freeport Talbot, Anniebell, of Freeport
LEJ 1867-11-13 D 1867-11-10 Saco Lord, Henry (4y 4m) son of Lord, Augustus and Lydia A.
LEJ 1867-11-13 B 1867-11-11 Minot Downing, son son of Downing, T. True and wife
LEJ 1867-11-14 B 1867-09-15 Canton Noyes, daughter daughter of Noyes, Henry A. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-14 D 1867-10-1? New Orleans Ward, Thomas W. (26y) of Bath
LEJ 1867-11-14 D 1867-10-30 Belfast Marshal, Hon. Thomas (78y)
LEJ 1867-11-14 D 1867-10-31 Bangor Piper, John M. (18y 6m)
LEJ 1867-11-14 M 1867-11-02 Bowdoinham Stacy, Samuel W., of Bath Smith, Annie V., of Bowdoinham
LEJ 1867-11-14 M 1867-11-03 Lyman Tripp, Ferdinand E., of Lyman Ford, Fannie M., of Lyman
LEJ 1867-11-14 D 1867-11-04 Bangor Dougherty, Bridget English (28y) wife of Dougherty, John F.
LEJ 1867-11-14 D 1867-11-05 Bangor Mace, Gilbert Hale (2y) son of Mace, Benjamin H. and Frances L.
LEJ 1867-11-14 M 1867-11-06 Great Falls, NH Nowell, George, of Sanford Edgerly, Cyrena, of North Berwick
LEJ 1867-11-14 D 1867-11-07 West Bath Eldridge, Octavia L. (47y 10m) wife of Eldridge, Capt S. H.
LEJ 1867-11-14 M 1867-11-07 Saco Hall, Franklin S., M.D., of Cumberland Centre Styles, Olive M., of Saco
LEJ 1867-11-14 M 1867-11-08 Bangor Hollis, Alonzo, of Lynn Buck, Carrie, of Bangor
LEJ 1867-11-14 M 1867-11-09 Bath Perry, Amos, of Bath Barefoot, Mary, of Bath
LEJ 1867-11-14 M 1867-11-09 Bowdoinham Spaulding, Isaac L., of Richmond Costellow, Louisa T., of Richmond
LEJ 1867-11-14 D 1867-11-12 Bath Robinson, Col. Thomas D. (79y 11m)
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-??-?? Detroit, MI Murphy, Fannie A. (17m) daughter of Murphy, Simon J. and Ann M.
LEJ 1867-11-15 B 1867-10-12 Georgetown Todd, daughter daughter of Todd, N. S., esq., and wife
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-10-12 Garland Holt, Edwin (21y) son of Holt, Thomas K.
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-10-16 Winthrop Joy, Dorothy (62y)
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-10-24 Hampden Hackett, Elijah C., of Winterport Havener, Susie C., of Winterport
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-10-28 Thomaston Gloyd, Oscar, of Thomaston Erskin, Jennie, of Thomaston
LEJ 1867-11-15 B 1867-11-03 Canton Allen, son son of Allen, Ephraim W. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-03 Farmingdale Wills, Charles H., of Augusta Rockwood, Aldera F., of Augusta
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-03 Rockland Butler, Jeruel, of Rockland Davis, Mary, of Rockland
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-11-05 Oldtown Williams, Sewall (82y)
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-11-06 Augusta Savage, George W (33y) son of Savage, Levi
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-11-06 Westbrook McCollough, Isabella (23y) wife of McCollough, John
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-06 Rockland Gray, Edward T., of Rockland Allen, Eliza J., of Rockland
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-07 Augusta Robie, Howard S., of Augusta Pratt, Alice A., of Augusta
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-09 Georgetown Jewett, Capt. Chandler, of Georgetown Chase, Ella J., of Georgetown
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-09 Georgetown McIntire, Josiah K., of Bath Marr, Angelia, of Georgetown
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-10 Augusta Mulliken, William R. Douglas, Keziah, of West Gardiner
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-11-11 Portland Carney, Ann (33y) wife of Carney, John
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-11 Augusta Jones, William H., of Augusta Keene, Cora, of Augusta
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-11 Portland Lang, Caleb M., of Portland Cummings, E A., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-11-12 Bangor Murry, Aurelia F. (22y 8m) wife of Murry, William A.
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-12 Bethel Gibbs, Horace J., of Bridgton Barker, Ella A., of Bethel
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-12 Portland Gerrish, Henry T., of Boston Blackmar, Harriet A., of Boston
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-11-13 Falmouth Merrill, Clarissa (96y 7m)
LEJ 1867-11-15 D 1867-11-14 New York City Delano, Joseph A. (52y) formerly of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-15 M 1867-11-14 Lewiston Thompson, William T., of Poland Cobb, Mary E., of Poland
LEJ 1867-11-16 D 1867-10-16 Newport Buxton, Lydia J. (83y) widow of Buxton, David
LEJ 1867-11-16 D 1867-10-25 Norway Hiller, Freddie W. V. (8y) son of Hiller, William H. and Olive S.
LEJ 1867-11-16 M 1867-11-03 Pittston Goodwin, Joseph H., of Pittston Smart, Olive A., of Pittston
LEJ 1867-11-16 M 1867-11-05 Alna Chase, Simon, of Fayette Jones, Mira, of Alna
LEJ 1867-11-16 M 1867-11-05 Monmouth Lowell, John, of Winthrop Wilds, Elizabeth J., of Monmouth
LEJ 1867-11-16 D 1867-11-06 Augusta Savage, George W (33y) son of Savage, Levi
LEJ 1867-11-16 M 1867-11-09 Auburn Verrill, Jabez B., of Auburn Flagg, Laura A., of Auburn
LEJ 1867-11-16 B 1867-11-10 Minot Downing, son son of Downing, Nathan P. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-16 D 1867-11-12 Winthrop Bates, Willie H. (4m) son of Bates, A. E. and Margaret
LEJ 1867-11-16 B 1867-11-14 Lewiston Potter, son son of Potter, O. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-16 D 1867-11-14 Bangor Parker, Capt. Anderson (56y)
LEJ 1867-11-16 D 1867-11-14 Bath Cushing, Christopher (49y 6m)
LEJ 1867-11-16 D 1867-11-14 Westbrook Mariner, Mary E. daughter of Mariner, D. A. and Abby B.
LEJ 1867-11-16 M 1867-11-14 Auburn Judkins, George C., of Auburn Hackett, Esther E., of Auburn
LEJ 1867-11-16 M 1867-11-14 Bath Matson, Charles H., of Detroit, MI Linscott, Lydia N., of Bath
LEJ 1867-11-18 D 1867-10-07 Mt Desert Davis, Abagail Walls )20y) daughter of Davis, Comfort
LEJ 1867-11-18 M 1867-10-13 Sidney Jackson, Willard, of Sidney Lyon, Angie, of Sidney
LEJ 1867-11-18 M 1867-10-26 Sidney Drummond, H. H., of Sidney Bowman, Susan E., of Sidney
LEJ 1867-11-18 B 1867-10-29 Shelburne Fiske, son son of Fiske, D. O. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-18 M 1867-11-02 Sidney Bran, Hiram F., of Mt Vernon Brown, Augusta A., of Rome
LEJ 1867-11-18 M 1867-11-03 Swanville Mayo, Ashur H., of Monroe White, Gustie E., of Winterport
LEJ 1867-11-18 D 1867-11-05 Winslow Flagg, Justin Edwards (13y 9m)
LEJ 1867-11-18 D 1867-11-06 Long Island Rice, Thomas (88y)
LEJ 1867-11-18 M 1867-11-07 China Nelson, Charles H., of China Jones, Emma A., of China
LEJ 1867-11-18 M 1867-11-07 West Waterville Hallet, Hiram A., of West Waterville Crowell, Helen A., of West Waterville
LEJ 1867-11-18 D 1867-11-11 Sullivan Wilkinson, Joshua (72y)
LEJ 1867-11-18 M 1867-11-12 Gardiner Fisher, Robert Jr., of Augusta Cunningham, Isabella, of Augusta
LEJ 1867-11-18 D 1867-11-13 Gardiner Hildreth, Lavinia Jane (33y)
LEJ 1867-11-18 D 1867-11-13 Hallowell Simmons, Frankie (1y 9m 17d) son of Simmons, Spooner M.
LEJ 1867-11-18 D 1867-11-13 Stetson Pierce, Samuel (69y)
LEJ 1867-11-18 M 1867-11-13 Belfast Arey, Henry B., of Belfast Webster, Martha A., of Belfast
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-10-12 Biddeford Bean, Leonard F., of Biddeford Locke, Mary E., of Biddeford
LEJ 1867-11-19 B 1867-10-21 Cornville Moody, daughter daughter of Moody, J. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-02 Hallowell Trask, Jonathan (34y)
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-04 Biddeford Goodwin, Jane (44y 6m) wife of Goodwin, Jacob K.
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-06 Rockland Simmons, Mary (74y 5m) widow of Simmons, Moses, of Union
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-07 Rockland Smith, Lizzie (1y 4m) daughter of Smith, Albert and Lydia
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-11-07 Brunswick Briggs, Albion D., of Auburn Perkins, Hattie M., of Brunswick
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-08 Lubec Muirhead, John (64y)
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-08 Lubec Rumney, Edith W. (2y 9m)
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-09 Rockland Keene, Lydia H. (20y 7m) wife of Keene, Lucien B.
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-11-09 Biddeford Brown, Philip A., of Saco Bean, Sarah A., of Biddeford
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-10 Yarmouth Bates, Ellen M. (43y 9m) widow of Bates, Capt. Charles A.
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-11-12 Lewiston Channell, Henry A., of Lewiston Dixon, Arobine, of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-19 D 1867-11-13 Hallowell Simmons, Frankie (1y 9m) son of Simmons, Spooner M. and Hannah E.
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-11-14 Bangor Carr, William S., of Waterville Martin, Charlotte, of Waterville
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-11-14 Portland Emmons, William H., of Bath Gilman, Fanny, of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-11-14 Portland Small, Charles E., of Portland Patterson, Eleanor, of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-11-16 Bangor Heald, Perham S., of Waterville Webb, Mary E., of Waterville
LEJ 1867-11-19 M 1867-11-16 Lewiston Pierce, John F., of Lewiston Adams, Lottie H., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-??-?? Biddeford Bryant, Cyrus (51y)
LEJ 1867-11-20 M 1867-10-14 Lewiston Norcross, Charles A., of Lewiston Lord, Martha, of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-20 M 1867-11-02 Ellsworth Bounmeiar, Joseph, of Ellsworth Mitchell, Nancy, of Ellsworth
LEJ 1867-11-20 M 1867-11-03 Atkinson Thayer, John, of Foxcroft Gray, Margaret A., of Foxcroft
LEJ 1867-11-20 M 1867-11-03 Ellsworth Joy, William H., of Ellsworth Sanborn, Olive A., of Ellsworth
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-07 Hiram Warren, John A., esq. (54y)
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-08 Hollis Bradbury, Ivory (48y)
LEJ 1867-11-20 M 1867-11-09 Rockland Pinkham, Daniel C., of Rockland Davis, Sarah H., of Rockland
LEJ 1867-11-20 M 1867-11-10 Orono Clark, James L., of Orono Allen, Anna B., of Orono
LEJ 1867-11-20 B 1867-11-11 Chelsea, MA Trufant, son son of Trufant, Charles T. and wife, formerly of Auburn
LEJ 1867-11-20 M 1867-11-13 Etna Leach, Edwin, of Penobscot Grindall, Martha A., of Newport
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-14 Otisfield Wight, Nathaniel B. (30y)
LEJ 1867-11-20 B 1867-11-16 Lewiston Holland, son son of Holland, Charles H. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-16 Westbrook Payson, Penelope Ann wife of Payson, Edward
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-17 Fryeburg Merrill, Mary Owen daughter of Merrill, Thomas H., formerly of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-17 Westbrook Roberts, William (93y)
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-18 Portland Pennell, Leah Bell (2w) daughter of Pennell, Charles J. and Mary A.
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-18 West Auburn Witham, Clarence L. (7w 2d) only son of Witham, Edwin F. and Cornelia W.
LEJ 1867-11-20 D 1867-11-19 Saco Hamilton, Rufus (66y)
LEJ 1867-11-20 M 1867-11-20 Lewiston Severy, O. V., of Lewiston Lothrop, Mary A., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-21 M 1867-10-12 Biddeford Lunt, Cyrus M., of Lewiston Googin, Lucy, of Saco
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-09 St Cloud, MN Hersey, Mary S. (26y 8m) wife of Hersey, Thomas, daugher of Sinclair, John and Miriam, formerly of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-11 Sullivan Wilkinson, Joshua (72y)
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-13 Stetson Pierce, Samuel (69y)
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-15 Westbrook Parker, Abigail (62y 8m) wife of Parker, James
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-16 Minot Washburn, Cyrus Jr. (36y) of Colic
LEJ 1867-11-21 B 1867-11-17 Oxford Holden, son son of Holden, J. L. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-17 Augusta Hamlen, Melville Williams (6m) son of Hamlen, Frederic and Olive L.
LEJ 1867-11-21 M 1867-11-17 Bath Frazer, Allen Jr., of Bath Davenport, Hattie E. S., of Bath
LEJ 1867-11-21 M 1867-11-17 Bridgton Merrill, Dea. Joseph, of Sebago Martin, Sarah A., of Bridgton
LEJ 1867-11-21 M 1867-11-17 Brownfield Thorn, Edgecomb N., of Brownfield Harmon, Emeline L., of Brownfield
LEJ 1867-11-21 M 1867-11-18 Bath Preble, Charles M., of Bowdoinham Curtis, Susie B., of Bath
LEJ 1867-11-21 M 1867-11-18 Portland Horr, Joseph E., of Portland Witham, Martha E., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-19 Brewer Morgan, Lenora J. (44y 10m) wife of Morgan, William
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-19 Portland Fox, Frank infant son of Fox, Franklin and Mary J. C.
LEJ 1867-11-21 D 1867-11-19 Sumner Hersey, Samuel (81y)
LEJ 1867-11-21 M 1867-11-19 Portland Mooney, Joseph H., of Whitefield Lyons, Mary, of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-21 M 1867-11-19 Portland Sparrow, Grenville F., of Portland Tukey, Martha A., of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-??-?? Vassalboro Delano, Llewellyn, of Vassalboro Trask, Miss, of Vassalboro
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-10-30 Stewartstown, NH Rogers, Elder Daniel (71y)
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-03 Swanville Mayo, Asshur H., of Munroe White, Gustie E., of Winterport
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-07 Augusta Gannett, George F., of Augusta Rockwood, Esther A., of Augusta
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-10 Rockland Young, Judson A (2y) son of Young, Leonard H. and Florilla
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-13 Baltimore Rich, Elizabeth (85y 11m) widow of Rich, Ezekiel, of Rockland
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-13 Gardiner Hildreth, Lovina J. (33y)
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-13 Belfast Arey, Henry B., of Belfast Webster, Martha A., of Belfast
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-14 Bangor Carr, William S. Martin, Charlotte C.
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-16 Bangor Head, Perham S., of Waterville Webb, Mary E., of Waterville
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-16 Winterport Ellenwood, Frederick, of Newburg Newcomb, Alice E., of Newburg
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-16 Winterport Staples, Arno, of Winterport Crockett, Susan J., of Newport
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-17 Gardiner Small, Abner (65y)
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-17 Gardiner McCurdy, E. J. (49y)
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-19 Bangor Ramsdell, Lydia J. (54y)
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-19 East Boston Delano, Maria P. (66y) formerly of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-19 Pittston Day, Minnie (5m)
LEJ 1867-11-22 D 1867-11-19 West Gardiner Mason, Abigail (68y 5m) wife of Mason, Silas
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-19 Cumberland Blanchard, Frank W., of Cumberland Sweetser, Lizzie H., of Cumberland
LEJ 1867-11-22 M 1867-11-20 Portland Vose, Elliott Payson, of Bangor Tucker, Lulie, of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-22 B 1867-11-21 Lewiston Randall, daughter (twin) daughter of Randall, Foster and wife
LEJ 1867-11-22 B 1867-11-21 Lewiston Randall, daughter (twin) daughter of Randall, Foster and wife
LEJ 1867-11-23 B 1867-??-?? Leeds Foss, daughter daughter of Foss, A. J. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-23 D 1867-11-01 Guilford Bursley, F. Bion (9y) son of Bursley, B. F. and J. W.
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-04 Turner Mason, Charles B., of Buckfield Hollis, Martha F., of Buckfield
LEJ 1867-11-23 D 1867-11-07 Pembroke Hersey, Isaiah (84y)
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-13 Guilford Straw, Gideon M., of Guilford Hall, Mary E., of Abbott
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-13 Norway Cole, William C, of Norway Downer, Grace H., of Norway
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-14 Foxcroft Wright, Edward W., of Lawrence, MA Tolman, Sarah H., of Foxcroft
LEJ 1867-11-23 D 1867-11-16 Machias Steward, Mary (58y 9m) widow of Steward, John
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-16 Saco Smith, James H., of Saco Moody, Hattie F., of Saco
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-17 Belfast Trussell, Joseph H. Brown, Sarah B.
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-17 Belfast Dyer, Rufus, of Belfast Lincoln, Florence R., of Belfast
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-17 Biddeford Bradbury, William F., of Biddeford Frost, Matilda, of Biddeford
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-17 South Montville Cammett, William B., of Searsmont Mider, Lydia A., of Knox
LEJ 1867-11-23 D 1867-11-18 Machias Longfellow, Nancy P. (57y) wife of Longfellow, Amos B.
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-19 Farmington Parker, Lysander H., of Chesterville Drake, Alice G., of Farmington
LEJ 1867-11-23 M 1867-11-19 Portland Giffin, John R., of New Gloucester Kelsey, Martha M., of New Gloucester
LEJ 1867-11-23 D 1867-11-20 Woowich Ennis, Betsey (70y)
LEJ 1867-11-23 D 1867-11-21 Portland Forster, Thomas (29y 8m)
LEJ 1867-11-25 D 1867-10-19 Turner Warren, Mehitable (73y)
LEJ 1867-11-25 D 1867-10-20 Hanover Roberts, Modestus (16y) child of Roberts, Milton and Sophia
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-10-24 Machiasport Kilton, Ivory K., of Jonesboro Look, Dency, of Jonesboro
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-10-27 East Corinth Rice, Thomas R., esq., of Boston, MA Parker, Mary E., of East Corinth
LEJ 1867-11-25 D 1867-11-02 Dexter Crockett, Estelle E. (21y 6m) daughter of Crockett, Charles and Dora
LEJ 1867-11-25 D 1867-11-09 Hanover Roberts, Mary E. (25y) child of Roberts, Milton and Sophia
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-11-09 Machiasport Burbank, Henry J., of St Stephen, NB Smith, Sarah A., of Machias
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-11-09 Mechanic Falls Evains, Albert W., of Poland Davis, Julia M., of Poland
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-11-11 Eastport Sawyer, William H., of New Brunswick Holland, Eliza, of New Brunswick
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-11-16 Mechanic Falls Moore, Horace, of Minot Dixon, Bella, of Minot
LEJ 1867-11-25 B 1867-11-17 Waterville Spring, daughter daughter of Spring, George W. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-25 D 1867-11-17 Lubec Tucker, Sarah (66y 11m)
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-11-17 Mechanic Falls Bucknam, William B. Carr, Eliza T.
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-11-18 Verona Higgins, Capt. Abisha, of Hampden Grindle, Genevia D., of Bucksport
LEJ 1867-11-25 M 1867-11-19 Bath Donnell, Capt. Antoine, of Bath Swazey, Maria O., of Bath
LEJ 1867-11-25 D 1867-11-22 Bangor Lovell, John W. (52y 9m)
LEJ 1867-11-26 D 1867-10-25 Litchfield Frost, Nathaniel (67y 7m)
LEJ 1867-11-26 D 1867-11-15 Winslow Flagg, Justin Edwards (13y 9m)
LEJ 1867-11-26 D 1867-11-15 Winthrop Gammon, Nellie T. (32y) wife of Gammon, V. O.
LEJ 1867-11-26 D 1867-11-16 Fayette Ham, Ella (16y)
LEJ 1867-11-26 M 1867-11-17 North Yarmouth Loring, Edward D., of North Yarmouth Allen, Abbie B., of North Yarmouth
LEJ 1867-11-26 D 1867-11-21 Brownfield Brown, George W. son of Brown, Morris and Ruth
LEJ 1867-11-26 B 1867-11-22 Harpswell Wilson, son (twin) son of Wilson, Capt. Edmund and wife
LEJ 1867-11-26 B 1867-11-22 Harpswell Wilson, daughter (twin) daughter of Wilson, Capt. Edmund
LEJ 1867-11-26 D 1867-11-22 Yarmouth Bates, Capt. Lazarus (94y 9m)
LEJ 1867-11-26 M 1867-11-22 Thomaston Emerson, Capt. John B., of Boothbay Watts, Sarah, daughter of Watts, Capt. Samuel
LEJ 1867-11-26 M 1867-11-22 Thomaston Cline, James, of Waldoboro Thompson, Francena E., of Friendship
LEJ 1867-11-26 D 1867-11-23 Cape Elizabeth Landers, James (28y) formerly of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-26 M 1867-11-23 Mt Vernon Smith, Charles H., of Mt Vernon Norton, Georgiana D., of Readfield
LEJ 1867-11-26 M 1867-11-24 Lewiston Bickford, Seth H., of Lisbon Russell, Sophia B., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-26 M 1867-11-24 Lewiston Knowlton, James, of Auburn Stinchfield, Eliza P., of Minot
LEJ 1867-11-26 D 1867-11-25 Cape Elizabeth Landers, Ann (39y) formerly of Portland
LEJ 1867-11-26 M 1867-11-26 Lewiston Stinchfield, Albion P., of Lewiston Knowlton, Harriet M., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-??-?? Kittery Delavan, Ira B.,esq. Moulton, Mary
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-01 Alfred Webber, Paul, esq. (79y 6m)
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-02 Boothbay Fisher, William H., esq. (52y)
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-02 Saco Jones, John Henry, of Rochester, NH Evans, Jennie, of Rochester, NH
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-05 Pittsfield Wright, Hattie H. (26y) wife of Wright, G. W., of Consumption., after suffering a year of lingering illness
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-07 Kennebunk Durrell, Esther (77y) widow of Durrell, Thomas
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-12 Lyman Drown, James Miller, Jane
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-14 Portland Lewis, William I., of Portland Pollard, Maria F., of Oldtown
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-16 Saco Smith, James H. Moody, Hattie F.
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-17 Savannah, GA Cole, Charles (33y) son of the late Cole, Deacon William, of Kennebunk
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-17 Alfred Furguson, Charles P., of Dayton Clark, Mary S, of Dayton
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-17 Biddeford Bradbury, William F. Frost, Matilda
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-19 Sumner Hersey, Samuel (81y)
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-20 Kennebunkport Perkins, Lucy A. (25y) daughter of Perkins, Simon N.
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-21 Kennebunk Frost, Edwin C. (53y)
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-22 Saco Stevens, Osgood W. (31y)
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-22 Springvale Witham, John B. (29y)
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-23 Bath Osgood, Charles W., of Portland Hall, Amanda L., of Newcastle
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-23 Livermore Foss, Loretto, of Leeds Woodford, Clara O., of Leeds
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-23 Saco Toothaker, Levi, of Brunswick Dunning, Lydia A., of Harpswell
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-24 Phipsburg Fletcher, John D. (32y)
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-24 Biddeford Butler, Luther H., of Sanford Ross, Sylvia, of Sanford
LEJ 1867-11-27 M 1867-11-24 Sumner Stetson, S. Francis Rowe, Adelaid R.
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-25 Portland Guirron, John B. (69y) native of England
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-25 Westbrook Plummer, Moses I. (78y)
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-26 Portland Seamman, Sarah P. (44y) widow of Seamman, Col. E. A.
LEJ 1867-11-27 D 1867-11-26 Portland Tobie, George A. (1y 7m) son of Tobie, Charles M. and Delia C.
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-09-05 Lewiston Morrell, T. T., of Farmington, NH White, Fannie S., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-09-13 Dunolly, Australia Stiles, Levi M. (38y) formerly of Bangor
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-07 Ashland Foster, Theodore B., of Ashland McKay, Annie E., of Ashland
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-08 Sullivan Hill, Martha (8y 4m) daughter of Hill, Eben H. and Eliza
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-15 Rangely Spaulding, Silas (58y 5m)
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-18 Livermore Falls Nason, Osgood D. (25y)
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-18 Machias Longfellow, Nancy P. (57y) wife of Longfellow, Amos B., daughter of the late Baker, Abel, of New Sharon
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-18 Sullivan Hill, Julia (14y 9m) daughter of Hill, Eben H. and Eliza
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-18 Auburn Chase, Melville W., of Lewiston Poland, Olive C., of Auburn
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-20 Forestville Plantation Cochran, John, of Forrestville Plantation Tracy, Malinda Rockwell, of Forrestville Plantation
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-21 Brunswick Johnson, William (54y)
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-21 Sanford Miller, William, esq. (61y)
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-21 Oxford King, William H., of Oxford Phillips, Ellen A., of Charlestown, MA
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-23 Exeter Champeon, Richard R., of Garland Bragdon, Lucy J., daugher of Bragdon, Joseph, of Garland
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-23 Oxford Paine, George E., of Franklin, MA Bryant, Almyra, of Oxford
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-24 Sullivan Hill, Mary (11y 7m) daughter of Hill, Eben H. and Eliza
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-24 Durham Nichols, George H., of Lisbon Falls Harris, M. G., daughter of Harris, Greenfield, of Lisbon Falls
LEJ 1867-11-29 D 1867-11-25 Brunswick Jordan, Bethiah (68y)
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-25 Lewiston Fogg, Edward C., of Concord, MA Stanley, Jerusha B., of Lewiston
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-27 Auburn Dennison, John T., of Auburn Hunt, Aurissa J., of Auburn
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-27 Lewiston Harding, Albert Otis, Lizzie W.
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-27 Lewiston Holland, Alphonso B. Garcelon, Minnie H.
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-28 Auburn Chase, Charles E., of Lynn, MA Davis, Mary, of Boston
LEJ 1867-11-29 M 1867-11-28 Lewiston Myers, Edward P. Fogg, Clara P., daughter of Fogg, Timothy E., esq.
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-05-09 Gorham Buswell, Melville C., of Gorham Freeman, Elvira, of Gorham
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-10-10 Bridgton Karmon, George N., of Karson Ball, Emily A., of Bridgton
LEJ 1867-11-30 D 1867-10-11 Weld Newman, Isaac (72y)
LEJ 1867-11-30 D 1867-10-24 Anson Pullen, Sylvia (93y)
LEJ 1867-11-30 D 1867-10-28 South Malden, MA Whitcomb, Anna (66y) wife of Whitcomb, Emmons, esq., of Easton
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-03 Charlestown, MA Littlefield, Albra, of Wells Hubbard, Annie C., of Wells
LEJ 1867-11-30 D 1867-11-10 Baraboo, WI Williams, Albert (46y) formerly of Embden
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-12 Milford Dubeay, John, of Grand Falls Devoo, Matilda, of Milford
LEJ 1867-11-30 D 1867-11-13 Eaton Grant Reynolds, Easter (41y) formerly of Hartford
LEJ 1867-11-30 D 1867-11-13 Eaton Grant Reymonds, Frederic (17y) son of Reynolds, Silas and Easter
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-14 Jay Fish, Marshall H., of Dixfield Hill, Abbie L., of Dixfield
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-14 Kenosha, WI Decoster, Francisco V., of Kingston, MN Torrey, Mary E., of Turner
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-17 Alfred Ferguson, Charles P., of Dayton Clark, Mary S, of Dayton
LEJ 1867-11-30 B 1867-11-19 Gardiner Magrath, son son of Magrath, Rev. J. T. and wife
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-20 East Corinth Tozier, Charles H., of Corinth Lunt, Mary E., of Corinth
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-21 Islesboro Herrick, of Isleboro Roberts, Flavilla, of Belfast
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-23 Biddeford Etchells, James, of Biddeford Kenworthy, Ann, of Biddeford
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-24 Anson Paine, Fayette M., of New Vineyard Hilton, Sarah J., of Anson
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-24 Turner Wood, Roscoe P, of Auburn Bridgham, Ellen H., of Buckfield
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-25 Brunswick Reynolds, Bela R., of Philadelphia, PA Allen, Lizzie A., of Brunswick
LEJ 1867-11-30 D 1867-11-26 Bangor Mitchell, Esther Hammatt (23y) youngest daughter of the late Mitchell, Hazen
LEJ 1867-11-30 D 1867-11-26 Monmouth Titus, Dea. David (77y 5m 20d)
LEJ 1867-11-30 M 1867-11-26 Biddeford Walton, Mark, of Waldoboro West, Ellen, of Hollis

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