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Events sorted by Publication Date - June 1861

PaperPublication DateEvent TypeEvent DateEvent LocationPerson 1Person 2/Notes
LDEJ 1861-06-01 D 1861-05-11 Strong Patridge, Lewis L. (13y) of Diptheria
LDEJ 1861-06-01 D 1861-05-23 Farmington Whittier, Cora M. (10m) daughter of Whittier, Nathaniel G. and Mary L.
LDEJ 1861-06-01 D 1861-05-27 Vienna Whittier, H. C. (36y 2m)
LDEJ 1861-06-01 M 1861-05-29 Farmington Stoddard, Jeremy W., of Farmington Curtis, Christina, of Farmington
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-??-?? Gardiner Morrell, Lucinda P. (31y) wife of Morrell, Hiram K., esq., G.S.G.D.S.
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Keizer, son (3y 4m 8d) son of Keizer, Edwin
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Kiff, Minnie Josephine infant daughter of Kiff, Alexander B.
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-??-?? Rockland Snow, daughter infant daughter of Snow, Capt. Israel L.
LDEJ 1861-06-04 M 1861-??-?? Northport Prescott, J. Fred, of Bangor Witherly, Venia E., of Northport
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-05-02 Bristol, England Gardiner, Albert, native of Richmond, ME at the Royal Hospital
LDEJ 1861-06-04 D 1861-05-17 Salem, OH Taber, Phoebe P. (58y), formerly of Vassalboro, of an affection of the heart wife of Taber, Moses
LDEJ 1861-06-04 M 1861-05-22 Topsham Thompson, Dr. A. J., of Guilford, NH Wilson, Eveline, of Topsham
LDEJ 1861-06-04 M 1861-05-26 Bryant's Pond Rowe, William, of Woodstock Billings, Laura A., of Woodstock
LDEJ 1861-06-04 M 1861-05-27 Boston Tukey, Capt. James M., of Damariscotta Knowlton, Mary H., of Damariscotta
LDEJ 1861-06-05 D 1861-05-10 Minot Davis, George Henry (2y), of Diptheria child of Davis, William H. and Almira
LDEJ 1861-06-05 D 1861-05-21 Minot Davis, Kimball Merrill (16y) of Diptheria son of Davis, Merrill and Roxa J.
LDEJ 1861-06-05 D 1861-05-23 Minot Davis, Phebe Ann (6y 10m) of Diptheria child of Davis, William H. and Almira
LDEJ 1861-06-05 D 1861-05-28 Auburn Penley, Thankful (92y)
LDEJ 1861-06-05 M 1861-06-02 Greene Nichols, Capt. Charles F, of Searsport Manson, Martha Jane, of Greene
LDEJ 1861-06-05 D 1861-06-03 Lewiston Lufkin, Mrs. E. J. (29y 1m 27d)
LDEJ 1861-06-06 M 1861-??-?? Portland Colley, John C., of Portland Moore, Nellie, of Portland
LDEJ 1861-06-06 D 1861-05-18 Rumford Howard, Betsey S. (46y) wife of Howard, Asa S.
LDEJ 1861-06-06 D 1861-05-24 Dexter Copeland, Martha Ann (37y) wife of Copeland, Samuel
LDEJ 1861-06-06 D 1861-05-27 Brunswick Eaton, Rachel P. (35y 11m)
LDEJ 1861-06-06 M 1861-05-29 Gray Jordan, James M., of Raymond Brown, Emma M., of Raymond
LDEJ 1861-06-06 D 1861-05-30 Brewer Field, Robert W. (24y 9m) of Consumption
LDEJ 1861-06-06 D 1861-05-30 Brunswick Whitmore, George M. (25y 10m)
LDEJ 1861-06-06 M 1861-06-05 Lewiston Roberts II, Gilman, of Brooks Turner, Lovisa J., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-07 M 1861-05-04 Waldoboro Vaill, Henry M., of Stafford, CN Webb, Martha C., daughter of Webb, Dea. R. C., of Waldoboro
LDEJ 1861-06-07 D 1861-05-25 Turner Young, Frank A. (7y) of Diptheria only son of Young, John C. and Elizabeth
LDEJ 1861-06-07 D 1861-05-27 Turner Merrill, Alice K. (about 14m) only child of Merrill, Nathaniel and Abby
LDEJ 1861-06-07 D 1861-05-29 Turner Bonney, Lucinda (nearly 71) wife of Bonney, John
LDEJ 1861-06-07 D 1861-06-05 Bath Wakefield, Philena (85y)
LDEJ 1861-06-08 D 1861-04-27 Waterford, VT Carr, Rev. David (81) of paralysis, a Methodist Preacher for over 50 years
LDEJ 1861-06-08 D 1861-05-21 Leeds Junction Young, daughter (2m) infant daughter of Young, Abby H., of Canada, where her spouse died in 1860-09
LDEJ 1861-06-08 M 1861-05-23 York Walker, Joseph C., of York Hutchins, Miranda, of York
LDEJ 1861-06-08 M 1861-05-26 Biddeford Marean, Francis, of Saco Goodwin, Mary, of Biddeford
LDEJ 1861-06-08 M 1861-06-04 Augusta Jordan, Oliver J. Arnold, Augusta M.
LDEJ 1861-06-08 M 1861-06-04 Farmington Thomas, Nathan C., of New Sharon Fletcher, Mary E., of New Sharon
LDEJ 1861-06-08 D 1861-06-06 Augusta Carpenter, George S., esq. (50y)
LDEJ 1861-06-08 D 1861-06-06 Lewiston Munger, Charles A. (17y) son of Munger, Rev. Mr.
LDEJ 1861-06-10 M 1861-05-02 Biddeford Gordon, Orrin H., of Dayton Farrington, Matilda E., of Andover
LDEJ 1861-06-10 D 1861-05-28 Buxton Ballard, Ebenezer (80y)
LDEJ 1861-06-10 D 1861-05-30 Chesterville Sewall, Deacon Oliver (72y 10m 20d) of inflamation of the lungs
LDEJ 1861-06-10 M 1861-06-07 Lewiston Goodrich, Ebenezer, Jr., of Livermore Linnell, Paulena C., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-10 M 1861-06-08 Auburn Littlefield, James, of Auburn Verplust, Mary M., of Bangor
LDEJ 1861-06-11 D 1861-05-31 Brunswick Morten, Amasa D. (71y)
LDEJ 1861-06-11 D 1861-06-03 Poland Pulsifer, Alfonzo N. (12y 9m) son of Pulsifer, Joseph S. and Affa
LDEJ 1861-06-11 D 1861-06-06 Brunswick Minckley, Emma Frances (18y 4m 17d)
LDEJ 1861-06-11 M 1861-06-08 Poland Jellison, Frederick S., of Biddeford Haines, Almira C., of Biddeford
LDEJ 1861-06-11 M 1861-06-08 Portland Scott, William S., of Portland Robinson, Caroline A., of Portland
LDEJ 1861-06-11 M 1861-06-09 Portland Mariner, George F., of Westbrook Haskell, Mary E., of Westbrook
LDEJ 1861-06-11 D 1891-05-29 Brunswick Lincoln, Hattie A. (7m 22d) daughter of Lincoln, William R
LDEJ 1861-06-12 D 1861-??-?? Gardiner Furse, Martha S. (62y)
LDEJ 1861-06-12 D 1861-??-?? Gardiner Kittredge, James (70y)
LDEJ 1861-06-12 D 1861-??-?? St George Haskell, Capt. Charles (46y)
LDEJ 1861-06-12 M 1861-05-06 Dover, NH Robbins, Edwin, of Lewiston Hill, M. Frank, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-12 M 1861-06-02 East Fryeburg Harnden, Judah D., of Chatham, NH Sanborn, Nancy A., of Naples
LDEJ 1861-06-12 M 1861-06-03 Brunswick Parshley, Ebenezer L. Coombs, Ruth A.
LDEJ 1861-06-12 M 1861-06-05 Brunswick Holt, Daniel, M.D. of Lowell, MA Dunlap, Mary G., daughter of Dunlap, Gen. Richard T.
LDEJ 1861-06-12 D 1861-06-08 Boston Houghton, Harriet N., of Brunswick
LDEJ 1861-06-12 D 1861-06-10 Gray Doughty, Jonas (62y)
LDEJ 1861-06-13 M 1861-06-02 Bangor Tebbets, Charles H. Hutchings, Sarah W.
LDEJ 1861-06-13 M 1861-06-03 Skowhegan Nedo, Frank, of Skowhegan Murry, Mary, of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1861-06-13 D 1861-06-04 Bangor Dore, Joseph Jr. (28y) of Typhoid Fever son of Dore, Joseph and Nancy
LDEJ 1861-06-13 D 1861-06-06 Richmond Preble, H. Willie (5y 7m) of Diptheria
LDEJ 1861-06-13 D 1861-06-07 Richmond Marble, Emma (7y) of Diptheria daughter of Marble, Levi E. and Mary
LDEJ 1861-06-13 M 1861-06-08 Boston Carlton, Capt. Daniel D., of Sedgewick Averill, Sarah R., of Sedgewick
LDEJ 1861-06-13 M 1861-06-08 Lewiston Hackett, Washington S. Mayner, Georgeanna S.
LDEJ 1861-06-13 D 1861-06-10 Gray Doughty, Jonas (62y)
LDEJ 1861-06-14 M 1861-??-?? Bangor Seavey, Henry J., of Corinna Knowles, mary J. of Newport
LDEJ 1861-06-14 D 1861-05-21 Dixfield Knight, Isaiah, formerly of Westbrook (53y 9m)
LDEJ 1861-06-14 M 1861-05-26 Wayne Chandler, George W., of San Mateo, CA Donnell, Martha, of Gardiner
LDEJ 1861-06-14 D 1861-06-09 Standish Moore, Mary A. (38y) youngest daughter of Moore, Jonathan, esq.
LDEJ 1861-06-14 M 1861-06-11 Bangor Stilwell, E. Miller, esq. Mary Tufts Carr, daughter of Carr, Joseph, esq.
LDEJ 1861-06-15 M 1861-??-?? Lowell, MA Hunt, George F. of Lowell Wentworth, Olive J., of Waldo ME
LDEJ 1861-06-15 D 1861-06-02 Mobile Robinson, Charles P., esq. son of Robinson, Capt. Samuel of Portland
LDEJ 1861-06-15 M 1861-06-02 Houlton Brewer, M. T., of St John Kendall, Hattie S., of Hodgdon
LDEJ 1861-06-15 D 1861-06-08 Buxton Hodsdon, Abbie (13y) daughter of Hodsdon, I. S.
LDEJ 1861-06-15 M 1861-06-10 Augusta Johnson, Samuel Trask, Tiley Ann
LDEJ 1861-06-15 D 1861-06-13 Rockport Wright, Hattie M. (3y 11m 13d) daughter of Wright, Rev. J. E. M. and E. G.
LDEJ 1861-06-15 D 1861-06-15 Auburn Wiggin, Charles T (3y 5m) child of Wiggin, D. W. and L. E.
LDEJ 1861-06-18 D 1861-05-02 Livermore Haskell, Thomas (77y 2m)
LDEJ 1861-06-18 D 1861-05-27 Jefferson Cargill, Nancy J. (18y)
LDEJ 1861-06-18 M 1861-05-29 Brownfield Crocker, C. H. Works, Augusta, of Brownville
LDEJ 1861-06-18 M 1861-06-?? Waldoboro Vaill, Rev. Henry M., of Stafford, CN Webb, Martha C., daughter of Webb, Dea. R. C., of Waldoboro
LDEJ 1861-06-18 D 1861-06-11 Norway Jackson, Ezekiel (2m) infant son of Jackson, Ezekiel
LDEJ 1861-06-18 D 1861-06-12 Auburn Libby, Annie E. (2y 1d) daughter of Libby, G. G. and M. A.
LDEJ 1861-06-18 M 1861-06-13 Lewiston Allen, Elias B., of Lewiston Stevens, Martha J., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-18 D 1861-06-15 Auburn Wiggin, Charles T (3y 5m) Had Diptheria, then a "brain disease" only child of Wiggin, D. W. and L. E.
LDEJ 1861-06-18 D 1861-06-15 Otisfield Scribner, Charles Emmons (about 15y) son of Scribner, David, after a protracted disease of the lungs
LDEJ 1861-06-18 M 1861-06-15 Jamaica Plains, MA Pattison, Everett W., son of Pattison, Rev. Dr., of Worcester, First Sergeant of Co. I, 2nd Regiment of Mass. Volunteers Whitehouse, Marcia Scott, of Waterville, ME
LDEJ 1861-06-18 M 1861-06-17 West Poland Spiller, Joshua S., of Casco, 5th Regiment of Maine Volunteers Thurlow, Caroline, of Raymond
LDEJ 1861-06-20 I 1861-06-07 Lewiston Litchfield, A. E., of Lewiston Haynes, Hester A., of Bucksport
LDEJ 1861-06-20 I 1861-06-07 Lewiston Allen, E. B., of Lewiston Stevens, Martha J., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-20 D 1861-06-10 Auburn Simmons, Cynthia G. (56y) of measles wife of Simmons, Calvin
LDEJ 1861-06-20 I 1861-06-12 Lewiston O'Sullivan, Michael, of Lewiston Hefron, Mary, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-20 M 1861-06-13 Hallowell Rice, Albert S., esq., of Union, Register of Probate for Knox County Baker, Frances W., eldest daughter of Baker, H. K., esq., of Hallowell
LDEJ 1861-06-21 M 1861-05-02 Richmond Read, Charles H., of Richmond Brown, Elizabeth M., of Richmond
LDEJ 1861-06-21 M 1861-05-12 West Gardiner Small, Oliver R., of West Gardiner Spear, Sarah A., of West Gardiner
LDEJ 1861-06-21 M 1861-06-09 Richmond Peacock, James H., of Gardiner Hildreth, Mary F., of Gardiner
LDEJ 1861-06-21 D 1861-06-15 Whitefield Felt, James R. (21) of Consumption
LDEJ 1861-06-24 M 1861-05-29 Brunswick Jack, David, of Bowdoinham Curtis, Mary, of Brunswick
LDEJ 1861-06-24 M 1861-06-13 Bucksport Litchfield, Addison E., of Lewiston Haynes, Hester A., of Bucksport
LDEJ 1861-06-24 M 1861-06-15 Mechanic Falls Haskins, Hezekiah P., of Mechanic Falls Myers, Mary, of Portland
LDEJ 1861-06-24 D 1861-06-21 North Auburn Allen, Betsey (38y) wife of Allen, Albion P.
LDEJ 1861-06-24 D 1861-06-23 Auburn Maxfield, Josiah Bertran (6y 3m 21d) youngest child of Maxfield, Col. Josiah and Maria
LDEJ 1861-06-24 D 1861-06-23 Portland Stevens, Sarah (68y) wife of Stevens, Benjamin
LDEJ 1861-06-25 D 1861-??-?? Litchfield Tucker, Mary S. daughter of Tucker, John and Rhoda
LDEJ 1861-06-25 M 1861-??-?? North Waterford Page, Parris, of North Waterford Lebroak, Emily G., of North Waterford
LDEJ 1861-06-25 D 1861-04-23 East Wilton Keyes, Sampson (83y 5m)
LDEJ 1861-06-25 D 1861-05-25 Mexico Thompson, Charles E. (20y)
LDEJ 1861-06-25 D 1861-06-02 Dixfield Beverly, Samuel (8y) youngest son of Beverly, Mark and Matilda
LDEJ 1861-06-25 M 1861-06-02 Gorham, NH Locke, George W., of West Paris Plummer, Irene C., of Waterford
LDEJ 1861-06-25 M 1861-06-11 North Waterford Lebroak, David H., of North Waterford Cole, Sarah S., of Greenwood
LDEJ 1861-06-25 M 1861-06-14 South Paris Sturtevant, Lewis L. Faunce, Sabra
LDEJ 1861-06-25 D 1861-06-15 Winthrop Snell, Mary K. (81y 8m) widow of Snell, Dr. Issachar, of Augusta
LDEJ 1861-06-25 M 1861-06-15 Denmark Libby, Stephen, of Denmark Stone, Abby, of Denmark
LDEJ 1861-06-25 M 1861-06-16 Stow Richardson, Joseph C., esq., of Fryeburg Copp, Esther, of Fryeburg
LDEJ 1861-06-25 D 1861-06-17 Bowdoinham Purrington, Cordelia (47y) wife of Purrington, Robert, esq., daughter of Henry, John, of Bath
LDEJ 1861-06-25 M 1861-06-20 Portsmouth, NH Chase, John C., of Laconia, NH Hamblett, Lizzie N., of Brunswick, ME
LDEJ 1861-06-26 D 1861-??-?? Lewiston Turner, Elias T. (20y 3m)
LDEJ 1861-06-26 M 1861-06-19 Bucksport Higgins, Rev. Simeon C., of Turner Gardner, Mary S., of Brewer
LDEJ 1861-06-26 D 1861-06-22 Poland Stinchfield, Esther M. (23y)
LDEJ 1861-06-28 M 1861-??-?? Benton Davis, Edward, of Burnham Brown, Vesta, of Benton
LDEJ 1861-06-28 M 1861-??-?? Portland Patterson, F. G., of Co. G., 5th Regiment Thornton, Mary E., of Augusta
LDEJ 1861-06-28 M 1861-06-?? Benton Davis, Edward, of Burnham Brown, Vesta, of Benton
LDEJ 1861-06-28 M 1861-06-?? Portland Patterson, F. G., Co. G, 5th Regiment Thornton, Mary E., of Augusta
LDEJ 1861-06-28 M 1861-06-25 Mechanic Falls Haskins, Hezekiah P., of Mechanic Falls Myers, Mary, of Portland
LDEJ 1861-06-28 M 1861-06-25 Mechanic Falls Haskias, Hezekiah P., of Mechanic Falls Myers, Mary, of Portland
LDEJ 1861-06-29 D 1860-05-31 Kingfield Wentworth, Lorania (about 20y) wife of Wentworth, Jefferson
LDEJ 1861-06-29 D 1860-10-02 Kingfield Gilbert, Sophia (about 75) wife of Gilbert, Nathaniel
LDEJ 1861-06-29 M 1861-06-02 Kingfield Gilbert, Nathaniel Dudley, Mariam
LDEJ 1861-06-29 D 1861-06-16 Fayette Eaton, Susan E. (11y 5m) of Diptheria daughter of Eaton, Joshua T, esq., of Strong
LDEJ 1861-06-29 I 1861-06-19 Lewiston Godwin, Orin M., of Lewiston Goodwin, Harriet E., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-29 M 1861-06-23 Farmington Green, J. Wesley, of Farmington Luce, E. P., of Industry
LDEJ 1861-06-29 D 1861-06-24 Farmington Belcher, Fuller (8y 9m 11d), of Diptheria son of Belcher, Samuel and Martha
LDEJ 1861-06-29 I 1861-06-24 Lewiston Smith, John, of Lewiston, formerly of Livermore Given, Mary A., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-29 I 1861-06-25 Lewiston Craig, Joseph, of Lewiston Ward, Sarah G., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-29 I 1861-06-25 Lewiston Nonan, John, of Lewiston Carney, Mary A., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-06-29 I 1861-06-26 Lewiston Stickney, J. B., of Lewiston Colis, Emma L., of Topsham

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