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Events sorted by Publication Date - May 1861

PaperPublication DateEvent TypeEvent DateEvent LocationPerson 1Person 2/Notes
LDEJ 1861-05-02 D 1861-04-07 Bowdoinham Purington, Mary M. (28y 1m) daughter of Purington, Nathaniel esq.
LDEJ 1861-05-02 M 1861-04-27 Phipsburg Perry, Capt. John, of Phipsburg Bowker, Ann Maria, of Phipsburg
LDEJ 1861-05-02 M 1861-04-28 Richmond Marson, D. E. , M.D., of Monmouth Meserve, Ellen E., of Richmond
LDEJ 1861-05-04 D 1861-03-27 Industry Davis, Cornelius, esq. (86y)
LDEJ 1861-05-04 D 1861-04-12 Strong Gilman, Inez Ella (7y 3m), of Diptheria daughter of Gilman, David and Lydia
LDEJ 1861-05-04 D 1861-04-18 South Chesterville Gordon, Melinda (59y 8m)
LDEJ 1861-05-04 M 1861-04-23 Paris Winslow, George C., of Norway Lamrock, Lydia, of Norway
LDEJ 1861-05-04 D 1861-04-24 East Wilton Keyes, Sampson (83y 5m)
LDEJ 1861-05-04 D 1861-04-25 Industry Norton, A. Josephine (17y 5m 6d) daughter of Norton, James and Mary
LDEJ 1861-05-04 I 1861-04-27 Lewiston Kincaid, John A., of Lewiston Coombs, Roxania, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-04 I 1861-04-27 Lewiston Woods, Allen D., of Lewiston Hill, Phebe J., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-04 I 1861-04-27 Lewiston Dingney, William, of Lewiston Scribner, Zeron, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-04 I 1861-04-27 Lewiston Plummer, G. S., of Lewiston Sleeper, Helen F., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-04 D 1861-04-28 East Wilton Lord, Abby A. (22y)
LDEJ 1861-05-04 D 1861-04-29 Strong Beale, Dr. Lewis, of Diptheria
LDEJ 1861-05-04 M 1861-04-29 Norway Hall, William A., of Lewiston Hayes, Adelia A., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-04 M 1861-05-01 Brunswick Jordan, William C., of New Gloucester Bickford, Eliza J., of New Gloucester
LDEJ 1861-05-04 M 1861-05-01 Brunswick Sylvester, Henry, of Durham Lunt, Clara J., of Brunswick
LDEJ 1861-05-06 D 1861-04-12 Durham Rowe, Elizabeth, of Danville
LDEJ 1861-05-06 D 1861-04-20 Auburn Libby, Nellie A. (2m) daughter of Libby, I. E. and Lucinda
LDEJ 1861-05-06 D 1861-04-21 Durham Miller, Samuel (75y)
LDEJ 1861-05-06 D 1861-04-23 Webster Hewey, Samuel (82y)
LDEJ 1861-05-06 D 1861-04-30 Lewiston Treadwell, Cora Emma (20m) daughter of Treadwell, A. K. and E. N.
LDEJ 1861-05-06 M 1861-05-02 Portland Leavitt, Alonzo, of Sace Nason, Susan C., of Hollis
LDEJ 1861-05-07 D 1861-04-20 Lewiston Williams, Herbert C. only child of Williams, Leonard H and Jennie S.
LDEJ 1861-05-07 M 1861-05-02 Haverhill, MA Plummer, George S., of Lewiston Sleeper, Helen F., of Lewiston, only daughter of Sleeper, E, esq.
LDEJ 1861-05-07 M 1861-05-04 Auburn Hodgkins, John J., of Greene Longley, Sarah J., of Greene
LDEJ 1861-05-08 D 1861-04-29 Lewiston Rogers, Willie Page (4y 8m 10d) youngest son of Rogers, William S. and Dorcas G.
LDEJ 1861-05-08 M 1861-05-04 Naples Mayberry, Enoch, of Naples Cain, Amelia, of Naples
LDEJ 1861-05-08 I 1861-05-06 Lewiston Cobb, Joseph F., of Lewiston Randall, Hattie R., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-09 M 1861-05-03 Bangor Staples, John W., of Levant Randall, Emily, of Wellington
LDEJ 1861-05-09 D 1861-05-08 Lewiston Burke, Mary Estella (2y 2d) only child of Burke, William T and Martha J.
LDEJ 1861-05-10 D 1861-??-?? Durham Nichols, Samuel (about 75y)
LDEJ 1861-05-10 D 1861-04-21 Waterville Penney, Sophia (74y) wife of Penney, Paltiah
LDEJ 1861-05-10 D 1861-05-01 Vassalboro Colman, Henry, of Waterville (33y)
LDEJ 1861-05-10 M 1861-05-01 Brunswick Sylvester, Henry, of Durham Lunt, Clara J., of Brunswick
LDEJ 1861-05-10 M 1861-05-01 Durham Drinkwater, Hiram, of Durham Sylvester, Clara, of Durham
LDEJ 1861-05-10 M 1861-05-01 Minot Monroe, Nelson H, of Auburn Dwinal, Augusta C., of Minot
LDEJ 1861-05-11 D 1861-03-29 New Gloucester Collins, Salome (56y) wife of Collins, James
LDEJ 1861-05-11 M 1861-05-04 Farmington Butterfield, Jophanus, of Farmington Hovey, Lizzie N., of Farmington
LDEJ 1861-05-11 D 1861-05-06 Westbrook Clark, Sarah H. (28y 3m) wife of Clark, Joseph, daughter of Collins, James and Salome
LDEJ 1861-05-13 M 1861-05-07 Sabattus Ricker, Ivory, of Webster Jones, Ruth E., of Webster
LDEJ 1861-05-13 D 1861-05-12 Lewiston Dutton, Ralph E. (5y 10m 17d) only child of Dutton, N. W. and C.
LDEJ 1861-05-14 D 1861-??-?? Cape Elizabeth Aborn, Frederick, of Augusta, formerly of MA, (56y) at the State Reform School
LDEJ 1861-05-14 M 1861-??-?? Brunswick Jordan, William C., of New Gloucester Bickford, Eliza J., of New Gloucester
LDEJ 1861-05-14 M 1861-??-?? Brunswick Sylvester, Henry, of Durham Lunt, Clara J., of Brunswick
LDEJ 1861-05-14 M 1861-??-?? Brunswick Cobbett, Daniel, of Brunswick Teague, Isabella H., of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1861-05-14 D 1861-05-10 Portland Blake, Evis Moorhead youngest daughter of the late Blake, Capt. Samuel
LDEJ 1861-05-15 D 1861-??-?? Iowa Strong, Harrison Augustine (23y) of Typhoid pneumonia son of the late Strong, Rev. H. W.
LDEJ 1861-05-15 D 1861-04-26 Walnut Hills Smith, Rev. Windsor E., late pastor of Congretional church in Oxford, NH (46y) of Consumption
LDEJ 1861-05-15 I 1861-05-10 Lewiston Thompson, C. P., of Lewiston Libbey, Hannah L., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-15 D 1861-05-12 Lewiston Dutton, Ralph Edson (5y 10m 17d) only child of Dutton, Nathan W. and Carrie M.
LDEJ 1861-05-15 M 1861-05-13 Boothbay Smith, Abie M., of Portland Willey, Annie, of Boothbay
LDEJ 1861-05-16 D 1861-??-?? Poland Briggs, Zenas, esq (80y 5m 20d)
LDEJ 1861-05-16 D 1861-04-30 Amherst Cox, George L.
LDEJ 1861-05-16 D 1861-05-03 Monmouth Bragdon, Matilda (13y)
LDEJ 1861-05-16 M 1861-05-05 China Clark, Edwin W. Page, Helen F.
LDEJ 1861-05-16 M 1861-05-06 Bangor Holmes, Bethuel, of Parkman Smith, Abbie M., only daughter of Smith, Randall, esq., of Hudson
LDEJ 1861-05-17 M 1861-??-?? Norridgewock Chandler, A. B., of Winthrop Steward, Betsey B., of Skowhegan
LDEJ 1861-05-17 D 1861-04-10 Embden Berry, Florence Letitia (1y 7m 19d) daughter of Berry, Levi and Lydia S.
LDEJ 1861-05-17 D 1861-05-04 Canaan Bean, Emma O. (7y 10m 19d)
LDEJ 1861-05-17 M 1861-05-08 Skowhegan Cyphers, Melville B, of Skowhegan Webber, Cyrene, of Norridgewock
LDEJ 1861-05-17 D 1861-05-10 Solon French, Josiah Jr. (45y)
LDEJ 1861-05-17 M 1861-05-11 Skowhegan Walker, George, of Embden Daggett, Annie E., of Embden
LDEJ 1861-05-17 M 1861-05-12 Solon Willard, Darius, of Athens Withee, Aphia, of Madison
LDEJ 1861-05-18 M 1861-??-?? Biddeford Holt, Samuel P., of Biddeford Clark, Sarah, of Biddeford
LDEJ 1861-05-18 M 1861-04-28 Buxton Cressey, Edward P., of Biddeford Hutchins, Fanny, of Biddeford
LDEJ 1861-05-18 D 1861-05-09 Waterville Lamb, Charles H., of Brunswick (33y)
LDEJ 1861-05-18 D 1861-05-10 Saco Eastman, Elder Ellery T. (41y 7m)
LDEJ 1861-05-18 D 1861-05-13 Biddeford Stackpole, Jotham (56y)
LDEJ 1861-05-20 D 1861-??-?? Bethel Estes, Richard (93y)
LDEJ 1861-05-20 D 1861-??-?? Brownfield Bachelder, Isaac (88y)
LDEJ 1861-05-20 M 1861-??-?? Biddeford Craig, Rev. Henry K., of Bucksport Tenny, Harriette R., of Plymouth, IO
LDEJ 1861-05-20 M 1861-05-05 Norway Holt, Thomas, of Bethel Jordan, Jennie, of Norway
LDEJ 1861-05-20 D 1861-05-09 Hollis Burnham, William F. (65y)
LDEJ 1861-05-20 M 1861-05-11 Hallowell Pinkham, Charles E., of Chesterville Pinkham, P. Ellen, of West Gardiner
LDEJ 1861-05-20 D 1861-05-17 Lewiston Whitcomb, Janette Francenia (3y 10m 20d) only child of Whitcomb, E. W. and Lavina
LDEJ 1861-05-20 M 1861-05-18 Portland Fountain, Edward C., of Portland Greene, Jessie, of Bath
LDEJ 1861-05-21 M 1861-05-05 Lewiston Dingley, William, of Lewiston Schribner, Salome, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-21 M 1861-05-14 Biddeford Hooper, Daniel O. S., of Biddeford Rumery, Ruth J., of Biddeford
LDEJ 1861-05-21 D 1861-05-19 Auburn Bean, Adah M. (20y 7m 7d) eldest daughter of Bean, Nathan and Betsey L.
LDEJ 1861-05-22 D 1861-05-11 Yarmouth Holyoke, Edward (58y)
LDEJ 1861-05-22 M 1861-05-12 Saco Cobb, Joseph F., of Lewiston Randall, Hattie E., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-22 M 1861-05-14 Bangor Cushman, John P., of Sand Lake, NY Malthy, Henrietta Caroline, daughter of the late Maltby, Rev. John
LDEJ 1861-05-22 D 1861-05-18 Poland Jackson, Laura M. (58y 6m 18d) wife of Jackson, Joseph
LDEJ 1861-05-22 M 1861-05-18 Lewiston Proctor, Gilbert H., of Lewiston Light Guard Brown, Lizzie
LDEJ 1861-05-22 D 1861-05-21 Livermore Tilton, Dea. Tristam (72y), formerly of Chilmark, MA
LDEJ 1861-05-24 M 1861-05-01 Madison Weston, Nathan, of Madison Mann, Emma, of Auburn
LDEJ 1861-05-24 D 1861-05-06 Norridgewock Tyng, Anne (74y) wife of Drinkwater, Rev. Arthur
LDEJ 1861-05-24 M 1861-05-12 South Berwick Moore, Alonzo P., of Lowell, MA Burleigh, Helen A., youngest daughter of Burleigh, Gen. T. A., of Greenland
LDEJ 1861-05-24 M 1861-05-13 Portland Hatch, J. H., volunteer in the Light Guard Sawyer, Adelaide, daughter of Sawyer, Albert, esq, of Saco
LDEJ 1861-05-24 D 1861-05-15 South Berwick Moore, Helen A. (22y) of Consumption
LDEJ 1861-05-24 D 1861-05-19 Auburn Parshley, John (81y)
LDEJ 1861-05-25 M 1861-05-06 Waterville Lewis, S. S., of Belfast Dingley, Hattie B., of Waterville
LDEJ 1861-05-25 D 1861-05-09 West Waterville Hale, Justin E. (39y)
LDEJ 1861-05-25 M 1861-05-16 Farmington Goodwin, Benjamin, of Farmington Durelle, Nancie L., of Farmington
LDEJ 1861-05-25 M 1861-05-16 Saco Prescott, Rev. Moses J., of Kennebunkport Soule, Laomi E., of Biddeford
LDEJ 1861-05-25 D 1861-05-21 Farmington Falls Stinchfield, Jason A. (about 19y)
LDEJ 1861-05-25 M 1861-05-21 Portland Sturgis, Almon P., of Lewiston Kench, Josephine H., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-27 M 1861-05-08 Brooklyn, NY Selden, Henry J., formerly of Hallowell Voorhies, Maggie A., daughter of the late Voorhies, Robert C., of NY
LDEJ 1861-05-27 D 1861-05-16 Lewiston Potter, Gould I. (24y 1m)
LDEJ 1861-05-27 D 1861-05-21 Auburn Stinson, David S. (1y 4m 4d) of croup youngest child of Stinson, David S. and Emily S.
LDEJ 1861-05-27 I 1861-05-22 Lewiston Goodwin, Llewellyn, of Portland Greenleaf, Julia A., of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-27 I 1861-05-22 Lewiston McClerron, Bernard, of Lewiston Divine, Bridget, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-27 I 1861-05-25 Lewiston Herliha, John, of Lewiston Crowley, Catharine, of Lewiston
LDEJ 1861-05-28 M 1861-05-19 Saco Webb, Charles M., of Saco Hussey, Elizabeth E., of Carmel
LDEJ 1861-05-28 D 1861-05-21 North Berwick Paine, Mary (92y 2m) widow of Paine, John, esq.
LDEJ 1861-05-28 D 1861-05-25 Portland Twitchell, Dolly G. (30) wife of Twitchell, Thomas E.
LDEJ 1861-05-28 D 1861-05-27 Lewiston Reed, Alvah J. (33y)
LDEJ 1861-05-29 D 1861-05-22 Lisbon Thompson, Ella Frances (3y 9m) daughter of Thompson, Samuel and Lydia
LDEJ 1861-05-29 M 1861-05-24 New York, NY Lord, Lieut. Charles V., Quartermaster of the 2nd Maine Volunteer Regiment Strickland, Fannie E, daughter of Strickland, Gen. Samuel P., of Bangor
LDEJ 1861-05-29 D 1861-05-25 Lewiston Smith, Emily Ernestine (3y 4m 25d) youngest child of Smith, Elijah R. and Adaline A.
LDEJ 1861-05-29 D 1861-05-27 Somerville, MA Ballou, Rev. Hosea II, D.D., President of Tufts College (64y 7m 9d)
LDEJ 1861-05-30 D 1861-??-?? West Waterville Corson, James (63y)
LDEJ 1861-05-30 M 1861-05-12 Livermore Goding, Benjamin F. Sturdevant, Sarah E., of Hartford
LDEJ 1861-05-30 D 1861-05-20 Livermore Alden, Amos A. (18y) of Consumption
LDEJ 1861-05-30 D 1861-05-26 Bath Hall, Charles B., of Woolwich (20y 6m)
LDEJ 1861-05-30 M 1861-05-28 Portland Jones, Charles D., of the First Regiment, M.V.M., of Portland Crossman, Frances E., of Portland
LDEJ 1861-05-30 M 1861-05-28 Portland Trowbridge, Charles S., of the First Regiment, of Portland Holmes, Lydia J., of Portland
LDEJ 1861-05-31 D 1861-04-14 Sebec Stevens, Hon. Jesse, formerly of Wayne (57y 24d)
LDEJ 1861-05-31 D 1861-05-15 Gray Mayhall, Anna (83y 10m) widow of Mayhall, Samuel
LDEJ 1861-05-31 D 1861-05-26 Danville Waterman, Sarah J. (26y 9m) wife of Waterman, O. C.
LDEJ 1861-05-31 M 1861-05-26 Stetson Dearborn, Daniel H., of Stetson Grey, Lucy A., of Etna

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