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 Published DateEvent DateName
1867-01-301867-01-28(illegible), A.
1867-01-161867-01-10(illegible), Abagail H.
1867-12-161867-12-14(illegible), Alice Gertrude
1867-12-161867-12-14(illegible), Arthur
1867-02-131867-02-12(illegible), Boardman
1867-01-231867-01-09(illegible), C?
1867-09-171867-09-11(illegible), Corydon
1867-01-161867-01-13(illegible), daugher
1867-01-231867-01-09(illegible), daughter
1867-01-301867-01-28(illegible), daughter
1867-01-231867-01-22(illegible), Edward M.
1867-01-161867-01-13(illegible), Flora
1867-05-241867-05-2?(illegible), Hannah
1867-12-161867-12-14(illegible), Harriet
1867-01-161867-01-21(illegible), Howard
1867-01-161867-01-03(illegible), Isaac
1867-01-231867-01-14(illegible), Isaac Bu??
1867-01-161866-12-28(illegible), J?
1867-01-161867-??-??(illegible), Jason I
1867-01-161866-12-31(illegible), L?
1869-06-181869-06-14(illegible), Lizzie
1867-09-171867-09-11(illegible), Lizzie K.
1867-02-131867-??-??(illegible), Martha
1867-01-161867-01-10(illegible), Mrs.
1867-01-161866-12-25(illegible), Nathaniel
1867-01-161867-01-11(illegible), Phebe
1867-01-231867-01-08(illegible), son
1867-02-131867-02-12(illegible), son
1867-01-231867-01-08(illegible), Timothy
1867-01-161867-01-01(illegible), William
1861-11-201861-11-17(illegible), William R.
1862-02-081862-01-31(no last name listed), Savilla
1868-01-141867-12-29(not listed), George G.
1867-09-041867-08-25(not visible)
1867-09-041867-08-27(not visible)
1867-09-041867-??-??(not visible), Maria
1867-09-041867-??-??(not visible), Narcissa
1867-09-041867-??-??(not visible), William
1867-01-021866-12-25?, Floretta
1861-04-201861-04-04?, Mary Jane
1867-01-091867-01-02?. D?
1866-11-141866-??-??????eaux, daughter
1866-11-141866-??-??????eaux, J. ?. F.